Wednesday, February 6


  • RL10.2: Determine a central idea of a text…
  • RL10.1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support anlysis of what text says…
  • RL10…: Determine the meaning of words and phrases.

Objectives: SWBAT...

  • ...identify and analyze a theme/main idea within a text.
  • ...answer text-based questions.
  • ...identify and define the meaning of unknown words and phrases.

Bell Ringer: ROOTS - Get out your sheets.

These are the three roots for the week:

  • frag, frac, frai
  • con
  • temp

** Get out stage directions so I can check them.

TASK: Read Induction, Page 6

Need 6 players :) I can’t do all the voices…

Page 1.

We will read then answer the questions.

Helpful site: NoFearShakespeare

TASK: Insults page - for Wed, 2/13

We will have a battle of insults in a week.

Come up with some sweet insults you can rattle off in an “insult-battle” - Shakespeare style.


  • NoRedInk - Complete Review. Due tomorrow. Quiz tomorrow.
  • Read your independent books.

February 6 Wednesday - Google Slides