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of what?


of school students hate programming!

(70% of CSE engineering students too!)


of real-world situations require incremental thinking

(it is only 10% of the time you really need to think like a genius!)

~90% of the time...

“Programming0 requires you to break big problems down into their smallest discrete components, and then to solve the big problem by systematically solving those smaller components. This is also exactly the kind of thinking that is required 90%1 of the time in science and engineering. Once programming has forced you to learn how to think this way, it is far easier to apply it to non-programming problems.”

0excerpted from “Reasons why engineers and scientists01 must learn programming

  • 01“Computing is no more the third branch of Science. It is the backbone of all Science - theory and experiment.”

1in the 90/10 perspiration vs inspiration breakdown


fact: genius is 90% discipline, 10% talent!


of college graduates demonstrate little or no problem-solving skills

Who cares? KGiSL and other world-class companies


Or Die.

Why does KGiSL care?

  • The New Realities (aka exciting opportunities)
    • World-class companies are challenged to become digital businesses or composable enterprises
    • World-class IT partners are challenged to demonstrate Agile practices (McKinsey, in-house IT has to test, learn and scale)
    • Expert and novice developers have to adopt and adapt Agile skills (starting with TDD)


What can we do about this?

HackerFinder Workshop

Hacking, Algorithms and Thinking

TKS School @ KGISL Institute of Technology (http://kgkite.ac.in )

DharmaSastha students @ http://www.kgcas.com , Dec 2015







What, Why and How?

  • Programming
    • in CloudCoder environment
      • Code Anywhere, Anytime
  • Incremental Thinking Technique
    • Test cases which help guide learner to arrive at the solution
    • 90% of all real-world problem solving require this type of thinking
  • Problem Solving
    • Pedagogically sound progressive-challenging problem sets
      • that build solid fundamental concepts and skills
      • to enable self-driven computational skills learning

What, Why and How?

  • Problems in great supply, Problem solvers (hackers) in great scarcity
    • We, @KG, desperately need talent who are passionate about problem solving
  • 90% of all 11th, 12th students say they “hate programming!”
    • We guarantee students will “love” programming at the end of the workshop

What, Why and How?

  • Constructs-based, Industry-approved TDD approach
  • CloudCoder (immediate and accurate feedback)
    • Blockly for syntactic relief, triggering interest and confidence
  • High quality Mentoring (offline and online)
    • Experienced developers from IT industry
  • Low cost, High quality, Scalable
    • Willing to train schools, colleges to create their own capacity

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HAT@kgisl.com or

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Good vs Great

  • “Good students approach programming as a valuable skill. Great students embrace programming as an interesting hobby.”


  • Stay tuned, coming soon - HackShop 101!
    • #iLearnToHackToLearn




In today’s Internet age, it is a crime if you don’t.

It’s the 4th ‘R’ of literacy #4thR

The #4thR

“"Classically there are the the Rs of literacy: reading, writing, and arithmetic," says Sims. "We think that algorithm should be the fourth R. It is a foundational set of skills and framework for people to have in the 21st century." If your kid's school doesn't offer computer science, it may be time to disband the PTA.” http://buff.ly/1Lhsx9y


90% of college graduates don’t have this skill!


Hackathon is the most Effective 21st century Education Model

#iLearnToHackToLearn. And that’s how we maximize learner transformation.

Learn, Think, Code, Solve, Hack

  • Learn to Hack
    • Learn to Code
      • CloudCoder (get assessed individually)
      • CyberDojo (practice together, in the right way)
      • CoderDojo (teach and you shall learn twice)
      • CloudGate
    • Code to Hack
      • Python User Group
      • Raspberry Group
      • Hack4Health

learn. OBLB.

Must ask questions. Question. Everything.

think. OBLB.

How many original thoughts have you had?

code. OBLB.

This is the 21st century skill.

solve. OBLB.

You are only as good as the problem sets you’ve solved.

hack. OBLB.

“It is like drinking directly from the firehose.”

Programming is creative process

Programming is a creative task, somewhat like constructing a castle out of LEGO bricks. You start with a basic idea of what you want your castle to look like and inventory your available blocks. Then you start building. Once you’ve finished building your program, you can pretty up your code just like you would your castle. The difference between programming and other creative activities is that when programming, you have all the raw materials you need in your computer; you don’t need to buy any additional canvas, paint, film, yarn, LEGO bricks, or electronic components. When your program is written, it can easily be shared online with the entire world. And though you’ll make mistakes when programming, the activity is still a lot of fun!

Everyone is a hacker by birth!

  • power of language is unique to humans
  • power of thought is unique to humans
  • power of creativity is unique to humans


Or be left behind. You only have 10,440 hours left.




  • Learn. Think. Code. Solve. Hack.
  • Transform. Or be left behind.
    • Or Die.

Good vs Great

  • “Every student must approach programming as a valuable skill. Even better, embrace programming as an interesting hobby.”
  • Learn. Think. Code. Solve. Hack. Transform. Or be left behind.
    • KGiSL campus
      • Where the Unskilled deliberately practice together to build Skills the right way!
        • A learning that stays with you long after you’ve graduated.
        • A career to start long before you graduate.
  • Stay tuned, coming soon - HackShop 101!

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HAT@kgisl.com or

Aravind (+91-95973-99689) or

visit us @

KGiSL Campus, 365 Thudiyalur Road, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore.

Find us here: https://goo.gl/Kajffw

HACKberry is a practical model for daily use created through the cooperation of actual users.

Hackberries, which are a species of trees included in the elm family, grow many branches.

Our goal is to develop an artificial arm that would become the platform upon which developers and artificial arm users from all over the world are able to build as they wish.

The name represents our vision to “hack” at problems, grow branches of joy that reach out to users and enable their ideas and efforts to bear fruit (“berries”).