2017 Annual Meeting


  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Background: CERT in SLO
  • Regional CERT Annual Review
  • Social



You will now find out the type of people who are involved in your Regional CERT. We come from all walks of life but all feel a need to be prepared.

Regional CERT Officers

Lonny Rollins

Chris Noffz

Bob Neumann

Craig Ufferheide

Janet Arthur

John Rickwald

Lori Mozden

Steve Knuckles


Lonny: President

Chris: Vice President

Bob: Director of Operations

Craig: Director of Safety

Janet: Corp. Secretary

John: Director of Training

Lori: Historian

Steve: fire Chief’s Liaison

Regional CERT Board Members

Scott Jalbert

Ian Parkinson

Robert Lewis


We are lucky

Despite how busy we can imagine these people are

They not only believe in CERT, they are actively supporting us

Scott: Unit Chief overseeing all of Cal Fire in our county

Ian: Sheriff

Bob: Chief in charge of training at California Specialized Training Institute which is part of Cal State OES

Local CERT Programs

Cambria CERT

Estero Bay CERT


Local CERT Influencers


Before I recognize all the current CERT members present, I want to point out a few people here who have helped over the years (Bob Putney, Keith Aggson, Bob lewin).

Finally, I want to have all the SAR members stand up just to show you that, even though they are actively involved in one organization, they are just as concerned about disasters as you and I.

Now, I want all the CERT members stand up. Tell everyone that they will have a chance to talk to them during the social.


Before we get into things, I like to take a step back and describe what CERT is and what it isn’t to anyone here who does not know

What is CERT?

“CERT educates volunteers about disaster preparedness

for the hazards that may impact their area

and trains them in basic disaster response skills

such as fire safety, light search and rescue,

team organization, and disaster medical operations”


This is the official definition of CERT according to FEMA

Instead of reading this, I would rather tell you what CERT means to us in our county.

We all know that in any situation, we like to be responsible for our own safety and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We are not dooms-dayers but we want to be prepared if something does happen.

Yes, we know first responders have our backs but we also know that there are times we could do a little ourselves that could prevent an even bigger problem.

For example, during Katrina, there were hundreds of people on rooftops. If some of them could have done something to help themselves, then the first responders could have gotten to someone who was having a heart attack.

To do this competently, it takes training and teamwork

What can CERT members do?

  • Prepare for any disaster
  • Take care of their family
  • Help their neighbors
  • Fire suppression
  • Utility safety
  • Work within the ICS
  • First-aid at community events
  • Light search and rescue
  • Mass Prophylaxis
  • Be an asset to our community!


Work within, as opposed to, working outside…

No self-activations

Mass Prophylaxis

Large-scale deployment of medicine or medical supplies

What is the Regional CERT?

“The San Luis Obispo Regional CERT

is a nonprofit organization that helps

create, support, and maintain CERT programs

within San Luis Obispo County”


Like everyone here, I hate overhead and unneeded administration

Throughout the years, many CERT organizations have come and gone.

The general consensus is that there was no central organization.

However, we did not want to dictate that each CERT ran a certain way. We realized that each area in our county has specific needs and we did not want to hinder that.

So, we chose these words very carefully. For example, you may notice that we did not list “promote”. We felt that was the job of each CERT organization to promote themselves but in supporting them, we, of course, may need to help promote their team.

Robert Lewin

Original vision

Potential future


Annual Review

Accomplishments of the past year

  • Incorporated as a California non-profit
  • Accept tax-deductible donations
  • Purchased training equipment
  • Performed outreach (a lot)


And now…

Onto our plans for next year

Remember - This group has only met 8 times this year!

We cannot claim it as an accomplishment, but the truck sitting outside is the personal accomplishment of one of our officers for parades, events, and he is just proud to show it off

Create multiple CERT organizations

  • North County
  • South County
  • San Simeon


Our goal is to make as many more CERT as possible, but these are the ones we are currently working on.

Notice, no SLO

Catch & release

Need “Spark Plugs”

Work with CSD’s

  • More CSDs than cities in SLO
  • Require disaster readiness plan
  • CERT fits will with this


Financial Plan

  • Fundraising
  • Scholarships


Q & A

When is the next class?


Fill out the form

Check the website

If I take the class,
do I have to join a team?



Does the training class
cost anything?


Between $35 and $50

How long is the class?


5 evenings, 3 hours each


Ask them for questions...


Next steps...

  • Sign up to stay informed
  • Sign up for CERT training
  • Sign up to start a CERT in your community
  • Nominations



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