Sexual Health or

Sex Advocacy?

California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA)

Assembly Member Shirley Weber introduced a bill (AB 329) which was sponsored by the ACLU & Planned Parenthood.

It was passed in 2015 and became law in January 2016. It requires that Comprehensive Sexual Education is taught once in middle school (7th grade) and once in high school.

San Diego Unified offers 10 lessons in Comprehensive Sexuality Education in grades, 6, 8 & High School Bio (9/10), as well as a refresher course in grades 11 & 12.

AB 2601, authored by Dr. Weber and co-authored by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzales, extends CHYA to charter schools.

Advocates for Youth

  • Advocates for Youth is a Politically Active Organization - “Sexual & Reproductive Rights”
  • Working with Planned Parenthood, in California for over a decade
  • Drafted a free Comprehensive Sexuality K-12 Curriculum, Rights, Respect & Responsibility
  • It is not “values free” - deconstructs values, in order to replace with their values

“... avoid heteronormativity (the assumption that people and relationships are heterosexual unless proven otherwise) and help students explore, at a developmentally appropriate level, the full range of sexual feelings and expressions both in and out of relationships.”

Teacher’s Guide 2015

Future of Sex Ed & National Sexuality Education Standards

  • This isn’t the sex ed you had, nor is it the same thing from 4 years ago
  • FOSE - is a collaborative of like minded organizations



-Advocates for Youth

  • NSES - K-12 minimum content sexuality education standard
  • It supposed to be “age appropriate” - but is in fact attempting to change the benchmark on what is considered “age appropriate”
  • More “sex advocacy” than “sex ed”

Web-Based Sexuality Education

Early initiation of sexual activity is associated with more sexual partners, not using condoms, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection during adolescence.” CDC 2017

6th Grade Sample

“You may notice language throughout the curriculum that seems less familiar - using the pronoun “they” instead of “her” or “him,” using gender neutral names in scenarios and role-plays and referring to “someone with a vulva” vs. a girl or woman. This is intended to make the curriculum inclusive of all genders and gender identities.”

We look at their genitals. If we see a penis, people will say ‘it’s a boy!’ and if we see a vulva, people
will say, ‘it’s a girl!’
That moment will probably determine how the people in that baby’s life will
interact with that child.

Why do you think this is?” In asking them to reflect on what they generated on the lists, you help them to challenge the gender norms that have been taught to them from their earliest ages.

ANSWER: Performing oral sex on another person (meaning mouth to genitals or anus)

Condoms offer extremely effective protection against WHICH ONE IS RISKIEST (IF DONE WITH A PARTNER WHO HAS AN STI)?

Performing oral sex on another person, receiving oral sex from another person, having penis-vagina sex with a condom

st STIs. Having unprotected sex of any kind carries high risk for STIs. With oral sex, the person performing oral sex is at higher risk because their mouth is coming into contact with the other person’s genitals. People can reduce their STI risk further by using flavored condoms or other barriers like dental dams.

Role Playing

Sexually objectifying

Reduce inhibitions

Potentially traumatizing

Presents Early Sexual Initiation as

Peer Normative

  • Undermines the value of delaying sexual initiation, by not spending time on what the purpose of sex or it’s complexity ; mind, body, soul
  • Creates a catalogue of sexual behaviors by being so explicit
  • Students “Role Play” various sexual scenarios - to practice decision making skills
  • Sets a benchmark, “If my teacher is talking about “this,” then most kids must be doing it”
  • Casual sex mindset - can a “hook-up” be healthy?
  • Is sex sacred or a sport?

Complex Theories of Human Sexuality

Condoms, Lube, Instructions & Websites

Available for 6th graders, 11 year olds in SDUSD

Creating a

Casual Sex Mindset

Pivot Toward Adolescent Sexual Pleasure

*Recommended High School Pre-Lesson on Female Bodies & Sexual Response

Why talking to minors about sexual pleasure presents a serious problem . . .

  • Crosses an important boundary (Teacher-Student Power Imbalance)
  • What if the student is deeply embarrassed?
  • What if the student is aroused?
  • What if the student was abused (not a trauma informed practice)?
  • What happens if a student feels sexaully harassed by the content?

What do the experts say about children’s exposure to porn?

The government’s own impact assessment of the new law, suggests longitudinal research, has demonstrated that, among young people, “intentional exposure to violent X-rated material over time predicted an almost sixfold increase in the odds of self-reported sexually aggressive behaviour”.

“You’re wiring their brains in early adolescence. Free porn is the equivalent of me hanging outside schools, giving out free packets of Marlboro and bottles of beer.”

Gail Dines, Sociology Professor

Supplemental Material & Support Sites

Sexual & Reproductive Rights

San Diego Unified’s Policy

  • Students may self refer for
    -Birth Control
  • Students may leave school

-Without parent knowledge
-Without parent consent
-At any age

  • Absence will be hidden
    in the attendance records

Parental Rights Matter

  • Studies show time & time again that kids want to learn from parents
  • Healthy relationships & boundaries
  • Information doesn’t determine behavior
  • Values - help youth make WISE or FOOLISH choices

  • YOUR VOICE matters & we need your help!
  • Let’s stand in the gap & expect the best from our PUBLIC OFFICIALS, especially when we trust them to partner with us as parents!

Our Messaging

In a diverse community, we need to meet the needs of the student population.

Our goal is to encourage the District to locate the best, age appropriate curriculum, or encourage them to write their own.

We want all kids to experience health.

Sex is complex & interconnected with mental health in ways we don’t completely understand. The District should tread very carefully as to do no harm when selecting & implementing curriculum. We think the current curriculum is harmful.

What’s the Ask?

  • Suspend and locate a curriculum that is
  • Locate a curriculum that focuses on the benefits of delaying sexual initiation

“Early Initiation of sexual activity is associated with more sexual partners, not using condoms, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection during adolescence.” CDC 2017

  • Curriculum should be culturally sensitive & represent our

Action Steps

  • Get informed - you don’t need to be an expert, but you should know the basics - links to curriculum & petition
  • Spread the word
    -Share the website & petition
    -Invite us out to speak to your group
    -Help pass out flyers at school sites
  • Opt Out
  • Respectfully communicate concerns to teacher(s) & administration
  • Reach out to your School Board Members & State Representatives