General Body Meeting


Homeless Children’s Education Fund

Mission: to advance the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness, guiding them to be productive, empowered citizens

Susy Robinson






Thank you to everyone who went out!

Be sure to post a picture in the event page on facebook to get your points!


Membership Form & Dues

Please fill out the membership form that was sent out via email and pay your $10 dues so that you can officially get prizes!



We’ll be tabling once a week for the entire semester in order to raise money for the Homeless Children’s Education Fund! Sign up to table and GET POINTS via the form in the email!

lola& Alaa

Head of House (HOH)

  • An HOH is elected by his or her house (Next GBM!)
  • Duties are as follows :
    • Take attendance at GBM
    • Host one service and one social event per semester
    • Encourage his/her house to attend Project Potter events, and foster house bonding
    • Monitor house group chat and communicate with your house members regularly
    • Act as the voice of your house by communicating with the executive board any comments, questions or concerns
    • Meet with e-board once a month


Sorting Ceremony!

This Thursday!

9/14 at 9 PM

O’Hara Student Center Ballroom

Dress Code is Black!

lola& Alaa

Herbology Lesson at Phipps!

This Saturday!

9/17 at 1 PM

Meet at Towers Lobby

lola& Alaa


  • Questions?
  • Comments?
  • Ideas?

Contact Information/Social Media

  • Facebook: Pitt Project Potter
  • Instagram: @pittprojectpotter
  • Twitter: @ProjectPotter_
  • email:
  • Website:

Thanks For Coming!

9/12 GBM - Google Slides