Litho Survey Results

Survey Dates 10/3/19 through 10/14/19


62 Responses

149 Nanolab Members on Lithography Equipment (excluding staff)

Track users (not staff) is 103 and response rate is 60%

248 Total Nanolab Members on Survey Dates (excluding staff)

Overall Responses

Deep UV Resists

Conventional UV Resists

Many members use multiple resists and responses were not limited to a single selection.

A resist stack refers to multiple coats on a single substrate, such as LOR + DUV, g-line + i-line, etc.

Histogram of Number of Resists/Resist Stacks Used

54% of responders use 1 - 2 resists/resist stacks

87% of responders use 1 - 4 resists/resist stacks

Resists/Resist Stacks Process Purpose

Litho Survey Results - Google Slides