• Solves an immediate problem, hassle free
  • An effective, uncomplicated re-usable and durable tool
  • Multiple applications
  • Will instantly and radically improve the quality of the user’s life and that of their family

to offer hand protection,

optimize hand function,

alleviate or prevent disabilities,

alleviate diseases.

Health & Safety

A medical device

The hand problem


Burn Injuries

Burn injuries from electricity, cold & heat:

- Stovetop

- Oven

- Barbeque

- Initial reflex triggered from touching items that did not appear hot

- dropping of cookware - fire hazards

Fingers and hands burning both:

- sensitive

- insensitive (Leprosy)


Fatigue & Injuries

Tendon injuries and overuse syndromes:

- Hobbies

- Work (assembly line)

Tennis & Golfers elbow

Wrist pain

Ganglions (Cysts) of the wrist

Sports injuries to hand and wrist

Nerve injuries:

- Carpal tunnel syndrome

- Ulnar tunnel syndrome

Spinal cord injuries

Tigger finger



Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Osteoarthritis, MS

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Flexor Tendonitis

De Quervain Syndrome

Flexor Tenosynovitis

Systemic Lupus

Basel Thumb Joint Arthritis





Vibration white finger



Restoring hand function after:

- Spinal cord injury

- After stroke

- Other injuries

Recovery after grafting, flap surgery, replantation or transplantation.

Some procedures may require several operations over a period of time.

The Hand

Human hands serve many purposes and important functions from helping us: eat, dress, write, work, create art, and do many other activities. Performing these tasks requires our hands to have sensation and movement, both in the joints and muscles.

However, problems can occur in the hand, wrist, elbow and/or shoulder from both trauma, overuse injuries, diseases and injuries from heat, cold and electricity.

Hand function and performance of daily activities.

Reduced grip force, activity-induced pain, fumbling & pain, numbness/tingling.

Health & Safety Hazard

Not having the full use of one's hands requires assistance from others resulting in loss of dignity and independence which in turn leads to increased cost to society directly and indirectly.



Bears the CE mark

Multi award-winning

Outer Casings

Consisting of two halves must be pressed together to close and will always engage together.

A Double Ratchet System

That ensures positive locking, adjusting to various thicknesses.

Silicon Grips

Are removable and guaranteed up to 220 °C/245 °F. Rearward slanting collapsible inner zones mould to various shapes acting as a barb.

Safety Release Buttons

To be pressed simultaneously for opening

Outer Casings

Material: POM or Tritan, strength and heat properties.

Design: Incorporated in casing are the ratchets, eyes for hinge, and front lip with bosses to snug fit the silicone grips.


Material: Acetal Kepital F2002, no memory build-up and no wear between ratchet and clip.

Design: Incorporated in the clips are the spring, release button as well as a compression lug and the two clips lock to form the hinge.

Silicon Grips

Material: Silicon Rubber TSE2323-5U 220 °C, heat and shore hardness.

Design: Incorporated in the silicon grips are rearward slanting ribs with compression spring points.

The hand solution

Offers Hand


From heat

- Tackles problem at source, protects everyone.

- While fixed it does not heat up, insulates; when used correctly.

- An open straight

mouth for straight edges such as oven racks, baking trays.

Optimize Hand


- Provides grip force, gripping done by product.

- Can carry 60 kg of weight

- Workings are internal and non obtrusive.

- Hard firm outside casing, therefore stable when held.

- Increases the holding/gripping area of many items.

Alleviate Hand


- Many “fine motor skill” actions which are very painful are taken care of.

- Pain is alleviated.

- Improving activity.

- Daily activities like writing, eating, brushing teeth, picking up a cup, turning a key, opening a door can now be done independently.

Assist/Aid Hand


Assisting/aiding recovery during various stages of rehabilitation.

- While hand strength is at its weakest hand function is being optimized and various daily activities are made possible.


Medical Device with Commercial Value

Hand function and performance of daily activities.

Grip force gained, alleviate activity-induced pain, fumbling, numbness/tingling.

Health & Safety

Not only do our hands connect us to the world around us, they also enable us to create, to make, repair, love, they are our tools, they can solve mysteries, they offer opportunities, they allow us to reach for the stars, they create our future.

Safe. Grip. Insulates. Locks.

PebbleGrip offers hand protection, optimizes hand function, alleviates and prevents disabilities, alleviates diseases. The result is safety, health, regaining dignity and independence which in turn leads to a lower cost to society directly and indirectly.


Invention that keeps on inventing

Normal Hands- Commercial Challenged Hands- Medical

Hand Safety/Protection

From heat, strain,

cold, electricity

Hand Freedom

Extra hand to hold

items without damage

Hand Fatigue

DIY, hobby, work

Hand Disability

Deformed, injured,

disable hands

Hand Rehabilitation

Aid during recovery

Aged Hands

Aged living; assistance

in daily tasks

Social objectives

Sustainability Goal 3; Good Health and Well-Being for People

Reaching out to:

- Medical and health

- Leprosy

- Aged living

- Disabled


- Understanding the “hand challenges” faced

- Product samples

- Testing

Feedback from:

- Medical and health

- Leprosy

- Aged living

- Disabled

New product variations:

- New inner zone designs targeting specific challenges found; 3D printing

- Add Ons to aid specific challenges


- Product samples

- Testing

- Feedback






Optimising hand function through product innovation and collaboration

“Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.”

Our Partners

Innovation requires the intersections of people with courage, vision and resources.


You're invited, let’s join hands

We believe that collaboration and innovation will help us to invent and make products that prevent and/or alleviate hand-related problems, that keep hands safe, that give hands some needed grip, or just a helping hand.

Not only do our hands connect us to the world around us, they also enable us to create, to make, repair, love, they are our tools, they can solve mysteries, they offer opportunities, they allow us to reach for the stars, they create our future.

Let’s collaborate and invent products that are aimed at keeping all hands connected to the world.

This way, they are able to create a better world for everyone living in it.

Clip it. Grip it. Move it!

Thank you

Annemie Fourie

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