Success Strategies--

Panel Discussion

Open House Parent 101 Workshop

Glenview Middle School

Tuesday, 10/29/19

Hello, Glenview Parents! We are so excited that you are joining us at Open House tonight for our Parent 101 Workshop. Our goal is to share some helpful information about the topics that you want to know more about. We recently sent home a survey via e-blast to parents and have incorporated all the ideas into tonight’s sessions.

Tonight, you will choose two sessions to attend, at 5:00 and 5:30; however, each session video will be posted on the Glenview website so that you can access information from all the sessions afterwards. (Note that this panel discussion session will not have a video).

If you have a question, be sure to post it on the chart paper in your classroom. We will try to answer it during the session tonight. It will also be added to our Frequently-Asked Questions list with answers that will be posted on the website as well.

The mission of Glenview Middle School is to educate students with the skills and work-ethic needed to be successful in high school as they prepare to become college and career-ready. We sincerely appreciate your partnership in this mission, and we hope that tonight’s sessions will equip you with more power to carry out that mission with us.

Panel Discussion Norms

Attendees submit questions on notecards.

Panel responds.

Q & A.

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