Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

A Transformative Year For Our School!

I found this online last year not fully realizing how much our school district would shift in this direction...

Dr. Glass’ Presentation: John Hattie’s Work

Teacher efficacy, self reported grades, teacher estimates of achievement, cognitive analysis, response to intervention, jigsaw learning, self-efficacy, classroom discussion, effort, etc.

Dr. Glass’ Presentation: The Buck Institute

Key concepts included in project-based learning.

Alignment to the Standards?

What School Could Be by Ted Dintersmith

Audio recording available via Hoopla

Dr. Glass’ Presentation:

People will always remember how you made them feel

Homework...ah homework

  • Should be purposeful.
  • Should reinforce what students have already practiced.
  • Should, ideally, be something that guardians/parents can support.
  • Should be limited to 1 hour of less (4 days a week) for 6th grade.

Math homework should generally be coming home for 2nd-6th - and part-way through the year for 1st.

EL homework - we are in the process of figuring out. Please hang with us. Parent/guardian letters should come home periodically at the beginning of units. There are 3 units in each module - and 4 modules for the school year.

6th Transitions to Middle School Next Year 2019-2020

If you are interested, we are having monthly meetings at the middle school - called Transition Advisory Committee. Please talk with me if you are interested in serving on this team.

The middle school is adding on 8 classrooms to take on the 6th graders. They will have their own designated hallway.

6th graders will have a opportunity to take a walking field trip to KCMS in the spring.

Introduce Our Wonderful Staff...

Dutch Creek is blessed with experienced, thoughtful staff members (2 per grade level) who are committed to teamming and creating highly responsive instruction for all students.

What is EL Education?

  • Has been around as 20+ years - formerly known as Expeditionary Learning.
  • What is it now...

Literacy intensive using multiple texts.

Teaches language arts through 4 modules that are based on science or social studies concepts.

K-2nd includes: 1 hour module (whole class lesson), 1 hour skills, and 1 hour play-based learning.

  • 3rd-6th includes: 1 hour module and 1 hour skills block.

+ The end of each unit requires student to demonstrate what they have learned.

Foundation of EL Education

3 core concepts

Of EL Education

Your Feedback & Reflection is Critical...

John Dewey, “...it is not that we learn by doing but that we learn by thinking about what we are doing.”

Michael Fullan, “People learn best through doing, reflection, inquiry, evidence, and more doing.”

These concepts relate to EL Education in terms of: high quality work, self-discovery, goal setting, and reflection.

Healthy Schools

  • Classroom celebrations (Halloween Party) - half of the food has to be healthy food i.e. veggies or fruit; the other half can be sweets. Balanced options.
  • Teachers cannot give food as a reward for learning or good behavior. Instead use extra recess, game time, dress up day.
  • Student birthdays are required to be non-food celebrations. Instead think of goodie bags, birthday pencils, etc.
  • Any food fundraisers have to occur 30 minutes after the end of the school day. We are allowed 3 exemptions for the year, but we have to fill out a form and submit it to Food Services.

Jeffco School District - New Playground Structure

Jeffco School District CWIC (Community Improvement Committee) is granting Dutch Creek $30,000.00 of matching funds for a new play structure.

The other $30,000.00 is coming from PTSA savings ($25,000.00) + $5,000.00 from Building Use

= $60,000.00

We are hoping that the structure will be replaced over Winter Break! Please cross your fingers that we can install over Winter Break!

BSN 2018-19 - Google Slides