Exchange year to Denver 2016

Lara Bichler

The Time at the DCIS

The time at the DCIS was incredible. I meet so much nice people and I learn so much. I remember me at the first school week at the first day, I said that The DCIS is so big, after the first day I felt me better and better and at the end of the week I don’t thought that the school is so big. The DCIS is not rally similar to my school in Germany, but that is great. The teachers here are really nice. And in the first time the teacher laughter as I come in the class and I was really tied.


Denver is a great city. It is so much bigger than my little village, but in my area I don’t feel like if I live in a city. I love downtown, it is so pretty in the winter when you see the lights in the night. And I love that Denver is really close to the mountains and you can go snowboarding whenever you want. Denver is the first big city where I live in my whole life. What I like at Denver is, that Denver have a lot of Parks. And when you want to go to eat something than you don’t must be walk so long and you find something.

My School in Germany
( Waldorfschool)

My school in Germany is not a normal school I’m on a Waldorfschool and this is so great. I change my school in the summer break 2013. Before this I go two year on a normal Gymnasium. In my school we have classes like wood work or Dancing. In my whole school we are only 300 people. From the 1st Class till the 13 t class. In my class we are only 26 people with me. So my school is really small. In my school we don’t have grades. And this is really good. What a little problem is that the class is from the first till the last class together. But I love my class They are so great and I found my two best friends there.


So where I come from is a little village in Rhein-Hessen. My village is 15 km from Mainz away and we have only 3000 people there. I live my life in Zornheim and actually it is really great. We have a lot of Grapes around my village. We have a great place in the middle of my Village and in the summer we have always Kerb. Actually Zornheim is the total different from Denver. But I love it because you know every street and the most of the persons. And that is so great, but sometimes not because when you do something stupid after two hours knew everybody that.


So I fly at the 3rd of January back to Germany. There I will stay for close three weeks and than I fly with my family to Sydney. My family and I will live there for 7 Month and the last 3 and a half month I will stay with a Host Family. In the school in Sydney I will do my 10th Grade exam ( Realschulabschluss) and than I will fly back to Germany and hope that I can do there after two years my High school Exam (ABI).

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