Hot Topics

October 11th & 12th

Conference Room #8

  • Gamification

  • How can OWASP bring gamification into projects?
  • Is there a way we can prove a person's valuable contribution through points or recognition?
  • How can we use games to improve the quality of OWASP projects?
  • Can gamification increase the collaboration between projects?
  • Badges
  • Badges have been introduced to encourage OWASP contributions, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme?

  • Expert OWASP contributors should get recognition in the industry, how can we accurately provide that?

  • How can we prevent someone from adding a minimal contribution, and then using OWASP on their CV?
  • Funding
  • Is the current method of funding projects fair?

  • Are there ways to ‘work smarter’, where projects can reduce costs?

  • Should there be more procedural/process guidance for code/docs projects?

  • How could OWASP track where funds are being used well, and where they are being wasted?

  • Do you feel it is easy to obtain funding?

  • New Projects
  • Starting with new projects in 2016 will be required to sign a Project Acknowledgement Docusign.

Honorary Membership Available

OWASP Project and Chapter Leaders


  • Your chapter or project must be active with OWASP.
    Your leadership position must be on file at least 6 months prior to applying for an Honorary Membership.
  • You need to apply for an Honorary Membership. Submissions are being accepted year round.


*Honorary Membership

*Events Coming Up!!!!!!

  • OWASP Winter Code 2016
  • OWASP Season of Code 2016
  • Slack Time Hours
  • Monthly Meeting Hot Topics for Project Leaders
  • Chapters & Projects Interlock


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