1:1 Chromebook Program

Winthrop Harbor School District #1

Chromebook Repair List and Fees

Students and Teachers are super excited that all students, 3rd-8th grade, will have 1:1 devices this year!

The 1:1 Chromebook Initiative History


Pilot with 2 classroom sections getting chromebooks


All 7th and 8th grade classes had 1:1 chromebooks and 2 classes at Westfield


All 5th -8th grade have “personal” chromebook

All 3rd and 4th grade classes have classroom sets.

K-2 have classroom sets of iPads, usually enough for at least ½ the class.

Advantages of 1:1

Replaces paper products - textbooks, workbooks, handouts and printed homework

Access to much greater variety of educational materials than traditional textbooks provide

Students take ownership of device, take better care of it

More familiar with their device, less time figuring out how to use it

Can take it home (if they have parental permission and pay $30 fee)

Laptops vs Chromebooks

Laptops vs Chromebooks

Multiple types of operating systems - (Windows 7, 8, 10; Mac OS 7, 8, 9, X, Linux, etc.) needs updates

Can download programs onto hard drive. Lots of choices of programs

Large expandable storage capacity (128 GB or greater)

Can do many tasks independently

High flexibility, but potential for problems

Limited to Chrome operating system, updates to newest version every time you start it

Does not download software Intended to be used primarily with Google products. Does store weblinks and “extensions” (small programs)

Very limited storage (typically 2-8 GB), cannot be upgraded easily

Requires internet connection for almost all tasks

Fewer choices, fewer problems

Why Chromebooks?

  • Relatively inexpensive compared to laptops or tablets
  • Easy to maintain and Operate
    • Simple operating system (Google Chrome), automatically updates
    • Changes can be made globally to all devices at one time
    • Cannot get viruses or malware
    • Easy to return to factory settings
    • “Boots Up” in under 10 seconds
    • Long battery life (7-12 hours)
    • Rugged. No moving parts.
  • By far the most popular type of device being used in Middle Schools and High Schools

Student Expectations

  • Bring chromebook to school fully charged every day (or plug it in at school)
  • Keep track of device.
    • With them OR
    • In locker OR
    • In a designated charging spot.
  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent damage.
    • Keep it case/bag when you transport it
    • Don’t drop it or place it where it may fall
    • Don’t close the screen on any objects - pens, fingers, etc.
    • Handle it by the keyboard, never the screen
    • Do not eat or drink near it.
  • Use it appropriately.
    • Follow handbook policy
    • Class work comes before personal use

Parent Expectations

  • Help students meet the expectations outlined for them
    • Have a place at home where chromebook is safe and can be charged
    • Make sure they take it to school with them every day
  • Discuss your personal expectations with your child
    • Students are allowed to use them for personal purposes (email, gaming, youtube, etc.)
    • Each family should decide when, where, what and how much chromebooks should be used
  • Monitor student use
    • Students using the school network are limited by a filter, however that filter is not in place on your home network
    • There are some measures in place to prevent misuse, but we are relying on parents to monitor use outside of school
    • If you have a concern please bring it to our attention. We need to work together to keep kids safe


Please contact the school office.

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