Good morning RTMS

Today is Wednesday November 21st, 2018

Day 3 on our schedule

Please Stand proud for our national anthem

And a moment of silent reflection.

We would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional territory of the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation.”

Please be seated we’re on the air

Welcome to Radio 5605.

Take out those agendas!


Hallway monitors, how does your hallway look?

Happy Birthday!

Let’s STAND together and wish a Happy birthday to…

Kevin 83

Ms Packer 813

Aleeza 65

Be a good Bud! BRANCH out and TREE-T them to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Know what else happened on this day?

Board of Trustees

There is a meeting today in the IT Lab and Library Learning Commons.

See you at 11:40!

Tech Team

Meet in the IT Lab right after the announcements, if your class ends in 6, 7, 8, 9 e.g. 66, 76, 86

0, 1, 2 classes will meet every Mon

3, 4, 5 classes will meet every Tue

GR 8 Band

REHEARSAL TOMORROW at lunch recess. Do NOT forget your instrument!

If you are L.C. Crew make sure to check, L.C. Crew link for:

Your work day.

Are YOU working today?


Make sure you are checked both times in the day!

Thanks, Mr.Schade.

Lunch Time

IT Lab = BOT

Library Learning Commons (L.L.C.) = BOT

In the Gym (Week of Nov19-Nov23)







Sr Boys Volleyball at Dolphin

Sr Girls Volleyball at Dolphin


Sr Girls VB Practice Red/Blue

Grade 7 Intramural Volleyball Finals

Staff Wellness

Grade 6 Intramural Volleyball Finals

Grade 5 Intramural Volleyball



Jr Girls Houseleague VB

Sr Girls VB Red and Blue Practice

Jr Girls Volleyball team

Jr Girls Volleyball team

Jr Boys VB Game at Erin Ctr

Jr Boys VB Announcements - Google Slides