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to join (or invite others to join)

Note: If you have an account, but are locked out due to your account being tied to a previous employer’s email address, please do not submit a new access request. It will be denied. Instead, please complete this form to change your email address on your existing account.

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to get back to this guide

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When filling out the form to join, be sure to include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Requests without this will be denied.

We want to know that you work in an analytics-related role or have applicable interest.

Members are added by a manual screening process. Please be patient.

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What is Slack?

Slack offers one-on-one messaging, private groups, persistent chat rooms, direct messaging as well as group chats organized by topic.

All public content inside Slack is searchable from one search box.

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Before you start…

Slack is invite-only, buttreat it as public

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t post publicly!


When someone new joins, they have access to the history. Don’t assume “because they’re not here” right now they can’t hear you….

(And besides, screenshots exist.)

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Code of Conduct

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Report Violations 🚔

Tag @MeasureCops in Slack to report an issue that violates our code of conduct.

This will tag all of our volunteer admins, who can assist.

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Slack Overview

Channels and Private Groups

Think of these like “rooms” to discuss different topics

Only Admins can create Channels. We limit the number of Channels, to streamline conversation and make #Measure Slack less overwhelming to new users.

Members can create Private Groups for topics, or to have a private conversation with others.

Direct Messages

Private, instant messages between you and the person you’re messaging

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Channels are like public rooms,�devoted to different topics.

Click “Channels” to view all Channels�available to join

By default, all new users are added to many channels such as #blogs-and-podcasts, #conferences, #job-postings, #lobby-bar, and of course #measure but you may find a couple additional channels available

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Channel Overview


Post links to, and discuss, Blogs and Podcasts


Discuss conferences and events


A place to post job openings in the industry or if you are looking for work yourself.


For general chit chat, jokes, memes, etc.


Similar to #measure on Twitter, back when it was fun.

If you don’t know where to post a question, post it here

If there’s a better place, someone will help you find it

Example Default Channels

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Channel Overview


Discuss Adobe Analytics reporting and analysis type questions


Discuss Adobe DTM or Technical Implementation questions for Adobe Analytics


Tableau, Domo, and other such BI Tools


General going-ons regarding the Digital Analytics Association


If it is a bad data visualization, or of you have questions about how to visualize some data this is where to post.


Discuss Google Analytics reporting and analysis type questions


Discuss GTM and GA technical/implementation questions

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Channel Overview


Discuss R and other statistical tools and methods


Discuss Search Engine Optimization and Paid Media


Discuss testing and optimization and personalization


A place to discuss the unique challenges of being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated space. Men are welcome to join the conversation!

#local-<area name>

There are local groups; feel free to join one near you

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By default you are notified of any post in any channel or group you are a member of.

This will get very noisy, very quickly.

You can update your settings to only notify you if:

  • You are mentioned; or
  • Your ‘highlight words’ are used (e.g. You could be notified any time someone types “Optimizely” or “Snowplow”)

�Read more about Notifications

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Recommended or Custom

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Keep in mind this means others may not have notifications turned on for a channel.

If something is important, you can @mention the people your message is directed to.

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Cross-platform apps

Mobile, desktop, etc

Note - you can set notifications �by platform (e.g. notify more on desktop than on mobile…)

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Measure Chat is maintained (including its various costs) by a volunteer team. If you would like to contribute, please feel free.


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For more information

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�Contact @MeasureCops

(our admin team)

via Slack