We help small Expert Firms* remove the barriers to growth and release their untapped potential.

*Expert Firm (defn): A professional services firm that leverages the accumulated domain expertise of its founders and team to win new business, deliver exceptional value, and generate outsized profits. Primarily: consultancies, agencies, and technical (accounting, finance, IT, engineering) services firms.


And its principals are trapped in execution.

Founders with the courage to pursue the path of the expert have positioned their firms for deep, lasting impact, profit, and differentiation. The generalist has already lost. But there’s a catch...

This expertise can’t scale. Or so we’re told. It lives in the head of The Trailblazer. It’s the key that unlocks The New Business the firm should acquire… but cannot. The Trailblazer can only blaze so many trails. The Hired Gun won’t land The New Business without concessions that destroy margin and focus.

This is the trap. One that puts a permanent cap on the potential of the firm, the founder, and the expertise itself. But… There is a Third Option.

Tom Miller, Principal

Tom is the COO at Small Batch Standard and a systems engineer, marketing strategist, and business operator who thrives where those worlds intersect. Learn more about Tom.

Chris Farmand, Resident Visionary Expert

Chris is the Founder and CEO of Small Batch Standard, the premier financial agency dedicated to the craft brewing industry. A true Trailblazer at heart. Learn more about Chris.

Josh Barnhart, Brand Associate

Josh is a marketer, photographer, and practical creative. He’s also the host of the Is This Right? Podcast, his sandbox and entry point into the world of Expert Firms. Learn more about Josh.


To us, it’s as clear as day.

We believe that these firms possess a deep well of untapped potential. For growth, profit, impact, and legacy. It lives within the collective expertise of its members, waiting at the ready.

We exist to release this potential into the market which so desperately needs the value it can deliver.


That underpins our approach

The Guidebook aims to help principals build a reliable, sustainable, and brand-enhancing client acquisition roadmap for their firms.

Built on data collected from 53 small Expert Firms, our findings and resultant Experts Acquisition Model provide a straightforward pathway to acquiring more consistent and profitable clients.

Even after reading extensively in the field there’s a lot here that is new and fresh. I really appreciate the breakdowns. Fascinating food-for-thought.

- Rowan Price, Rowan Price Consulting

This is a home run.

- Elliot Murphy, KindlyOps

I’m really impressed. I like your approach and the insights you distilled. All great and well thought out.

- Wolfram Mortiz, MPW Institute


That helps Expert Firms unlock their potential

The Assessment provides a direct entry point for firms looking to pursue what we call The Third Option: a pathway to improved lead generation, profitable new business, and a scalable marketing framework that preserves the expertise and bandwidth of the principal.

A few times a year we work with a select group of qualified firms to:

  • Benchmark their performance against our data set of 140+ comparable service firms
  • Develop a customized, actionable strategic plan designed to acquire more high-value clients, reduce risk, and enhance their reputation
  • Guide the firm toward better-informed marketing, sales, and growth decisions

Before I engaged with TMG, we were growing, but lacked focus. Since then we’ve clarified our positioning, increased our lead gen and sales (well over 2x YOY) and had to hire a sales rep to handle the new volume in our pipeline. Beyond that, our content has become known within the industry, generating not only new business but also sponsorships and collaboration opportunities with big-name agencies and software partners. Bottom line: these guys know what they’re doing...”

- Dylan Kelley, Founder & CEO, Wavebreak

The output of this process, in most cases, has a significant, transformative impact.


Josh hosts to explore and develop insight

Is This Right? Is Josh’s contribution to our growing body of knowledge, originated as a trial-by-fire training program 😆

It’s a weekly podcast diving into topics we find relevant and compelling in the worlds of marketing, consulting, EOS, specialization, photography, and more...

If you’re interested in contributing or have topic requests you can email