Sydney SEO Consultant
Nick Cavarretta

What Can I Offer You?

Local Search Engine Marketing

Local search marketing involves SEO for local markets only. This does include suburbs, regions and cities.

To the right you can see when somebody searches “seo consultants sydney” that my website listing is #2 in the maps. This is due to executing a Local SEO strategy.

This task is best for businesses targeting specific locations.

Technical (onsite) Search Engine Optimisation

Technical SEO is the foundation for optimising a website. If a website's onsite SEO is up to web standards, the chances of ranking within any search engine will be much higher.

The sample to the right is your average website that can’t quite reach the top three.

The reason is their technical SEO is not optimised for search engine bots.

Offsite Search Engine Optimisation

This is commonly known to the general public as link building, however, there is much more to it than just building links. I take into account all variables for building citations, links and social media mentions.

During the 7 years of SEO, I have survived every algorithm update including Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

All tasks are done according to Google’s SEO guidelines.

Prebuilt Packages (Sydney)

I have compiled two packages for Sydney based clients only. If you’re located outside of Sydney see the next slide.

Package One: Local Search Engine Marketing
This is based on 15 hours per month and only for clients targeting up to three locations.

Package Two: Organic Search Engine Marketing
This is based on 25 hours per month and only for low to medium competition level industries.

Prebuilt Packages (Outside Sydney)

If you are targeting national or international, you will require a custom package

The link above will outline the four major organic SEO packages available. The thing that separates these packages from the previous, is here you receive your own dashboard login where you see everything in real-time.

All reporting is sent to you via your SEO dashboard.

Web Design & Development

  • Your customers are online.
  • Save money by extending your ads online.
  • Establish a better relationship with your customers.
  • Educate your customers online.
  • Get referrals.

More About My Costing

As a senior digital marketing specialist with freelancer and agency experience I offer a premium costing for consultancy work, which is still half the price of any boutique agency within Sydney.

All SEO work is priced at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.

I do not lock in clients to contracts, however, I do ask them to sign a non disclosure agreement so I can as transparent as possible with my clients.

More About Me

I’m Nick, your Sydney SEO Consultant. I’m based around the CBD area of Sydney and offer vast range of solution for all types of businesses.

Email address:

Phone: 0488 269 291

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