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About Susan:

- 14 Years in K-2 classrooms

- MA Educational Technology

- Intensely Passionate Lead Learner

- Instructional Technology Coach, Fowler Unified

- Love, Love, Love to bicycle!

- Mommie to two darling daughters and a new baby boy

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Before we get started...

A Google Account Google Chrome Browser

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What is a Screencast?

According to Wikipedia : A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration.

So why should I make a Screencast?

Record Presentations

Record Lessons for Absences




Homework Help

What Teachers Can Create:

What Students Can Create:

Share information

Teach others how to do something

Teach others how to use something

Record Presentations

Describe classroom activity

Explain labs/processes

Narrate stories

Book trailers

Why Blended Learning? It just makes sense.



Let’s get going!

Visit this link:

Choose “Add to Chrome”

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To install the extension,
click Add.

You will know the install was successful when you see this notification in the top right section of your browser.

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Angry is a stronger word than mad, and furious is the strongest of the three. Prerequisite Skill: Synonyms -two words that have the same meaning,

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Allow Microphone and Camera Access

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Allow Screencastify Drive Permissions

Did you know that when you allow an app it won’t take these actions by itself own?

Allowing gives the app the ability to takes these actions when you want it to.

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You’re ready to Screencast!

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Click the ScreenCastify logo to view this menu.

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Screencastify Menu

Tab: Only movements on your current tab will be recorded.

Desktop: Any tab you work in will be recorded.

Cam: This will record your computer’s webcam.

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Students in Groups? In rows of desks? In libraries or the quad or at home?

Screencastify Menu

Microphone: When this tab is checked, your computer’s microphone will be activated and your voice will be recorded.

Tab Audio: Audio from your tab will be recorded.

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Screencastify Menu

This allows you to see the video as you create it.

Show existing Screencasts: View previous screencasts.

Start Recording: Begin recording your screencast.

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Screencastify Menu

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Tab Drawing Tools

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Show your mouse.

Opt + M

Hide your mouse.

Opt + H

Wipe your screen.

Opt + Z


Opt + E

How do I stop a screencast?

Rename your file by clicking on “Untitled Screencast:

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Screencastify creates a folder in your Google Drive! From there, you can share the video with others.

Share from Drive

OR upload and share from

Share your screencast with everyone in the room by filling out the form linked on the right.

How to share your screencast’s link

Why Blended Learning? It just makes sense.

Lots of love and gratitude to my EduPal @EdTechAri for the Screencaps and Session Inspiration.

Love also to @CrazySciTeach for ideas and screencast samples.

Why Blended Learning? It just makes sense.

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