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Go Beyond the Basics with Google Docs

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Edith Fogarty

Biddeford Summit

featuring Google for Education

Technology Integration Facilitator

Bradford Elementary School


August 7 & 8, 2019

Topics for this session

Explore: Research within your document

  • Search the web, images and your Drive within your document

  • Click to add images, complete with hyperlinked source

  • Images are licensed for reuse

Explore: Add Citations from Explore

  • Choose citation format
  • Add footnotes directly into document
  • Use EasyBib to create Works Cited Page

Integration with Keep Notepad

Import notes, hyperlinks, images, etc stored on Keep Notepad

Keep opens in the sidebar

Simply drag notes into document where you would like them to appear

Speech to Text

Speak clearly, slowly, and loud enough for the computer to hear you.

When you are finished, click

Spelling & Grammar Check

Compare Documents

Enhance Your Document: Tables

Highlight the array to create a table within a document

Format your table under the “Format” menu

Enhance Your Document: Tables

  • Merge cells
  • Evenly distribute rows and/or columns
  • Change border color & width
  • Add background color
  • Change cell text and table alignment
  • Insert images, charts, drawings, etc into your table

Enhance Your Document: Columns

Enhance Your Document: Charts

Insert a chart into a document that is linked to a live chart in Google Sheets

Once inserted, the chart can be unlinked, or the sources can be opened.

Enhance Your Document: Images

Enhance Your Document: Images

Inline: Treats image as a character in the writing

Wrap Text: Allows text to wrap around the image

Break Text: Breaks text to top and bottom of the image

Rotates the image

Enhance Your Document: Images

Double-click on the image to bring up crop bars to cut out unwanted parts of the image

Enhance Your Document: Drawings

Use Drawings to add self-created diagrams, word art, or other creative enhancements to documents

**You can now import a drawing made in the Drawings app

Enhance Your Document: Math Equations

Enhance Your Documents: Special Characters

Check out Auto Draw for some added fun!

Play with Quick Draw

Section Breaks

Update: You can now add section breaks to documents


  • Add multiple headers and footers to documents
  • Adjust margins per section
    • Highlight multiple sections to adjust margins consistently

Version History

Track changes or switch to earlier versions of a document using Version History

Name versions to easily restore earlier versions

Track changes by user and time

Downloading Other Formats

Print directly from Version History

Emailing Directly from Docs

Adding Organization to your page

Click here to practice

  • Add Title (Format As Title)
  • Highlight each topic and make Heading 1
  • At the top, add table of contents
  • Click to left of the title and Insert Bookmark
  • At bottom of page, type return to home.
  • Make ‘home’ a hyperlink to the title bookmark.
  • View Document Outline

Editing Modes

  • Editing
    • Make direct changes
  • Suggesting
    • Can be viewed in comments
    • Can be added with a click
  • Viewing
    • Prevent unintended changes





Find add-ons that allow Google Docs to go beyond basic functionality


Formative Assessment using Comments

Student “Resolves” Comment

Once student makes necessary changes, they “resolve” the comment to show they are finished.

Teacher can assess for understanding/skill

If the necessary changes have not been made, the teacher can reopen the comment thread. The student cannot “delete” the comment since it was started by the teacher.

Teacher Adds Comment

Place cursor or highlight text. Select “comment.”

Tag student with @ or + and their email to notify them.

Advanced Formatting

Paint format: Copy formatting from one section and apply it to another

Clear Formatting: Easily remove formatting from document

Advanced Sharing: Set Expiration Date for File Access

Limit the amount of time that others may access a certain document

→ Advanced

Speaker: Edith Fogarty

Session Title: Google Docs

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