International Data Day 2014

Feb. 22nd 2014


its called a hackathon but really it is just a bunch of people from our community coming together, organising themselves and creating something valuable one day a year...and for those who are keen enough to give up an hour of their free time every now and then perhaps we continue that work afterwards to make a lasting impact.

  • Defibrillator App
  • Queuing App
  • Business Location App
  • Looking into more app opportunities
  • Building out the Code for Ireland website

1. Booksprint - Irish Junior Cycle Textbook in Programming

2. Open Government Partnership - Ireland’s 1st National Action Plan









What is Open Knowledge?

Open Knowledge is what Open Data becomes when made accessible, understandable & meaningful.

It is the capacity to

help someone to solve a real problem.


We can

. . . help people make better informed, evidence-based decisions

Where does my money go? How much does FOI legislation really cost and how much could we save? Where do I send my kids to school if I want to make sure they get the best education?

What if I wanted to base my decision whom to vote for on who has better managed their finances last year? What if I wanted to pick the best hospital in Ireland for my surgery?

Gurin points to a number of key sectors where he expects to see the greatest advances using open data in 2014.Read more: . Follow us: @programmableweb on Twitter | ProgrammableWeb on Facebook




Showing the Power of Open Data

See the Power of Data

Vision to have analysis with data that tells a story on the OKF Ireland website to show the power of data, create interest and demand amongst the average or mainstream public.

International Open Data Day (Feb 22)

- Breakout Open Data / ODSI Group

- Location: Facebook Headquarters

- Sharing

- Community

- Networking


Give Back


One Day - many knowledgable people and subject matter experts in their field

OKF Ireland - #ODD14 - Dublin - Google Slides