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Tournament Bracket Template

Interactive Tournament Bracket Instructions

  • Insert text or images that represent your content in the outer two columns of the bracket. (Delete or leave-blank the cells or rows you don’t need.)
  • Hyperlink your content to websites or other information to make your bracket more interactive.
  • Create a Google form to be used as a voting ballot, like this one.
  • Link the Form to “Vote Here”.
  • For automatic vote counting, link your Form to a Google sheet, by clicking on “Choose Response Destination” in the “Responses” menu and selecting “Create a new spreadsheet”.
  • To use the same form for each round of voting:
    • Unlink the form after the first round of voting.
    • Change the voting options on the Google form to reflect the next match-up.
    • Re-link the form by selecting “Choose Response Destination” in the “Responses” menu and select, “Choose existing spreadsheet”. (Your existing spreadsheet will automatically add a new tab each time you do this.
  • Move your winners and voting link each time a voting round has ended!

Tournament Bracket Template - Google Slides