Young Researchers

Sharon Han, Vicki Pietrus,

Amari Simpson, & Rachel M. Magee

  • Iterative development of camp curriculum to engage diverse U.S. teens in co-research in public libraries
  • Co-research focused on understanding peer technology practices and values
  • Study at large examining complex literacy development, informal learning, youth technology practices, and participatory research methods

Major Steps


Designed and implemented camp curriculum with IL teens


Revised curriculum will be utilized at five different public library partner sites to engage up to 100 teens in co-designing, implementing, and reporting on interest-based research projects

2019 and beyond

Publicly available curriculum that librarians and researchers can use to connect teens in their own communities to the original research process


Stakeholder Needs Assessment to revise camp curriculum, interviewing researchers at universities, youth services providers, and teens

Current Activity:

Stakeholder Needs Assessment

  • 50 Youth Services Providers & 50 Researchers
  • Research questions include:
      • What needs and priorities do youth services providers have for informal learning learning curricula?
      • What perceptions do youth services providers have about original research?
      • What priorities do researchers have for introducing teens to the research process?
      • What perceptions do researchers have about libraries and teens?

Immediate Next Steps

  • Stakeholder Needs Assessment (Teens)
    • Invite 50 local central Illinois teens to participate in focus group examining teen preferences and attitudes about informal learning opportunities and original research
  • Collected survey/interview data from stakeholder needs assessment will inform camp curriculum revisions implemented in next phase of project
  • Identify partner public libraries/youth services librarians to implement camp curriculum (beginning summer 2019)


Any questions?

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services Grant RE-07-18-0054-18.

Special thanks to all the people who made and released these resources for free:

YoungResearchersResearchShowcase2018 - Google Slides