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Tools to make Google Apps for Education Accessible

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Thoughtfully and universally designed accommodations can be useful for everyone.

why we do this work ….

Then, if you also include those students who are English Language Learners who also face significant learning, comprehension and fluency challenges within K-12 (i.e those where English is not their first language) the issue becomes even larger.

To give some sense of scale - the equivalent number of those with a Special Learning Development Needs and ELLs is the same as the entire population of NY.

And even for those without those challenges, US students in the majority are not scoring well in reading generally.

So the size and scale for content support is significant in todays schools.

the impact of support tools ….

written homework - before

Using Assistive Tools

What Supports Can Help?

Text to Speech

Word Prediction

Talking Dictionaries & Picture Dictionaries

Translation Tools

Phonetic Spell Checkers

Homophone Tools

Study Skills Tools

Todays demo:

  • Google Docs
  • Web Pages in Chrome
  • IPad Google Docs
  • Doc Scanning

This software is free for teachers

Install: http://goo.gl/ZMYl5U

Register: http://goo.gl/TkPij2

@martinmckay plus.google.com/MartinMcKay m.mckay@texthelp.com

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