Next month you are going to attend a program called


This presentation is going to tell you all you need to know about First Look.


First Look is an event happening at Springfield Middle School on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 17. You get to learn more about the classes you get to pick in high school from the teachers and students in those programs. This is important because you have your IGP’s coming up. What does IGP mean …?

IGP means ...


You learned that IGP stands for Individual Graduation Plan, but you could remember it as “I Get To Pick”. You learned the Shopping Cart Dance to remember IGP means I Get To Pick!

Individual Graduation Plan refers to picking your classes in high school. Remember that when you go to high school you get to take classes that allow you to experience and learn more about careers that interest you.

You have had experiences like Career Fair and Job Shadow that have allowed you to narrow down your interests.

During First Look you will get to learn about the classes available to you in high school.

How does FIRST LOOK work?

On December 17, high school teachers and students will set up in classrooms on the 8th grade hall. They will tell you more about the classes that you can take in high school.

You will use your Chromebook to sign up to attend the sessions that interest you. (You are doing this today.)

After lunch on December 17 you will rotate around to different classrooms using a unique schedule based on the sessions you choose today.

What are the FIRST LOOK sessions?

How do you choose your FIRST LOOK sessions?

You will use your Chromebook to sign up for 5 sessions that interest you.

You are picking 4 that you want to go to, and 1 alternate.

You need to pick 5 different sessions.

If you do not pick your sessions correctly, they will be randomly assigned to you.

What if your career interest is not listed?

If your interest is not listed on the chart, select something similar and/or relevant. For example, if you are interested in being a Criminal Trial Lawyer (like our first Meet Me Monday speaker), you will not find a session about Law. Here are some you could take:

1 - Biomedical Science - You will need to know about Crime Scene Investigation.

2 - Business - You will need to understand how your law firm makes money.

3 - Media Technology (TV Production) - You will need to talk in front of the court, and will probably be interviewed on the news about your case.

4 - Internships and Apprenticeships in all Fields - You could see if there is an opportunity to work with a law firm while you are in high school.

Alternate - Early Childhood Education - Your cases may include children and/or families. Or, you might want children of your own!

Now, go to

to select your sessions.

You and your parents will get more information about FIRST LOOK before December 17! We are looking forward to having this for you! See you then!

First Look SFMS Dec 2019 - Google Slides