Club Overview

  • Design
    • Brainstorm ideas and engineer projects to make a difference
  • Build
    • Make something tangible that promotes a more sustainable world
  • Educate
    • Expose students to issues and technology in sustainability
    • Show the community what projects we are working on

Events overview

  • General Meetings - Odd Tuesdays 7pm
    • Meet the board, updates on projects/events, short activity
    • Talk about topics in sustainability
  • Project Meetings
    • Times and frequency depend on project and leader
  • Info Sessions
    • Professionals/professors talk about industry/technology
  • Tours
  • Socials
  • GRID Alternatives Volunteering
    • Solar Panel Installation

Goals for this year

  • Volunteer Opportunities - GRID Alternatives

  • Info Sessions

  • Start new projects

  • Continue existing projects

  • Get more mullah

2017-2018 board members!

From left to right!

VPE - Adrienne Lee

VPI - Kiyomi Takemoto

Webmaster - Autumn Lee

Project Manager - Emilio Ramirez

President - Brandon Macias

Secretary - Jonathan Clinton

Historian - Robinson Ramos

Publicity - Michael Carson

VP Finance - Shant Oganesian


Meet People BINGO

  • Grab a partner & piece of paper
  • Rip the paper in half (sustainability! Whoot whoot!)
  • Fold the paper in half twice and repeat the other way
  • TADA! 4x4 matrix
  • Fill in randomly with numbers 1-16

Meet People BINGO

  • Person you shared your ½ sheet with
  • Project manager
  • Person who is interested in the same project as you
  • Vice President External
  • Water Nozzle Project Lead
  • President
  • Someone interested/ on Water Application Team
  • Publicity Chair
  • Free
  • Someone interested/ on Solar Car team
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Someone interested/ on Water Nozzle team
  • Webmaster
  • Groundwater project idea spokesperson
  • Wind turbine idea spokesperson
  • Someone interested/ on Digital Waste Bin Team

Dodgeball beso

  • Nov 2 & 3 (Thursday & Friday Week 5),
  • 6-9 pm both days
  • Teams of 6
  • $25 registration fee per team
  • Great opportunity to spread the word about ESW, as well as meet engineers from other ESOs

VPE - Tours, info sessions

  • faculty/industry speakers during meetings
    • Potential research or internship opportunities
  • Company tours
    • Waste Management, Irvine Ranch Water District, fuel cell lab
    • Tell us where YOU want to visit!
  • Volunteering?

Grid alternatives

  • Solar installations in low-income communities
  • Installations are typically 2 days
    • 8am - 3pm (usually ends early)
  • Occur various times during the week, sometimes on weekends



  • Projects are the basis of ESW
  • Ideas are based on YOU!
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Work as a team
  • Make an impact on campus

Solar Car - The American Solar Challenge

Zot Report Application - Report Water Problems on Campus

Digital Waste Bins - Animated waste installation

Water Nozzle - Water Saving Attachment

NEW Projects IDEAS!

New projects

Best parts about the club!

  • It’s new!
    • Started it last year
    • Lots of room to grow
  • Hands-on Projects
    • Go through the struggle of starting a new project and trying to complete it
    • Work with others
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Meet students passionate about energy and the environment


  • $40 for the entire year
    • ESW T-Shirt
      • Shirt Design Contest (10/31)
    • Discount Merchandise
      • Pins, Decals, Mugs, Graduation Cords
    • Eligibility to work on projects
    • Faculty Advisor

Thank you!

Week 3 General Meeting - Google Slides