Safety FIRST

Brought to you by your Safety Captains

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Protect your eyes, ears, head, feet & fingers

Eye protection required at ALL times inside shop and ALL POSTED AREAS

No dangling objects - could get caught in machines/tools

Remove IDs, pull back hair, roll up sleeves, tuck strings into jackets

Closed-toe shoes only

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) (formerly MSDS)

Important safety information for all chemicals and batteries in the shop.

Battery Safety

Check for damaged batteries

In case of electrolyte leakage:Required materials:

  • Plastic gloves (to protect your hands)
  • Baking soda (to neutralize acid)
  • Leak-proof non-metallic container (to contain leak)

Put on gloves. Pour baking soda on battery acid to neutralize it. Place battery in container.

Don’t leave batteries plugged in


Hand Drills Drill Press Grinder

Soldering iron Batteries Ratchets

Screwdrivers Wrenches Hex Keys

Band Saw Hand Saws

Cutting tools (scissors, wire cutters, razor blades)

Fast Rotating/Cutting Tools

Band saws, drills, grinders and anything with fast moving parts can be dangerous. Loose items can be sucked in.

Be extremely careful!

In the shop

  • Learn to use the machines before you try on your own
  • A clean environment is a safe environment
    • Sweep daily, as needed and when instructed to do so
    • Sawdust is just as slippery as oil or grease
  • Carry tools facing down
  • Cut away from you
  • Don’t distract others from working

Accidents Happen

Where to go for help (Report ALL injuries)

Ms. Delp or Ms. Galaz!

Safety Captain

Mentor/Person in charge

Emergency Procedures

Location of….

First-Aid kit

Emergency stop button INSIDE the shop (East Wall)

Fire Extinguisher

The exits







Congrats! You are one step closer into the shop!

Safety 2017 - Google Slides