OLWC Synchronous Tutoring

Katie Klausegger

Scheduling a Session

  • Create an account on carthage.mywconline.com
  • Schedule an appointment by clicking on an open (white) rectangle with a tutor designated for “Online appts. only.”
  • Please note that online sessions are reserved for standard tutoring in writing - we cannot help with unusual formatting issues, entire thesis papers, or other special projects through synchronous online tutoring (but we will gladly help you in person in the Writing Center with such things!).

Entering your session

  • When your session begins, access the WCOnline schedule, and click on your reserved appointment slot.
  • Next, click on “Start or Join Online Consultation.”

During Your Session

  • Here you will enter the “whiteboard” area. Read through the instructions. It will give you a brief summary of the different tools available.
  • Next, copy your paper and paste it into the whiteboard area
    • If it is a long paper, paste only the section on which you want to focus.
    • If it is a short paper, bold or highlight the area with which you would like to begin.

This is where you can paste your paper and make corrections

Write what you want to say to your tutor in here.

Highlighting Tool

Drawing Tool

Click here to access drawing tools and highlighting tools (both you and the tutor must be in it to see drawings)

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