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Episode 2: Wind Energy Taxes

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Should Wyoming increase its tax on wind energy?

Coal is a huge portion of Wyoming’s budget.

Coal plants are closing.

Coal plants are closing in many states.

Wyoming has significant resources.

2018 Installed Wind Capacity

Current wind energy in Wyoming.

Wind Electricity: $1/MWhr

Coal Electricity: $3-5/MWhr (based on the excise tax) source

Current Wyoming wind energy taxes.

Revenues from Wind in Wyoming?


Recently proposed bill to increase tax on wind to $5 / MWhr?

  • 10 years in the wind energy industry
  • Financed $3-4B of renewable energy projects
  • Developed 1,000+ MW of wind projects in states including Texas, Utah, Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, Washington, New York
  • Don’t play hockey with him unless you want broken ankles

Welcome to our expert: Tait Nielsen

Price wholesale electricity out of Wyoming?

Wyoming wind power build out

What are the effects of the elimination of the ITC in 2020?

Should Wyoming increase its tax on wind energy?

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Blockchain Opportunities

In Wyoming

What business opportunities do the recently passed blockchain laws enable?

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