University 101

BCCA 2018-2019

Mr. Kuzyk

What’s New?

  • Admission used to be based on top 4 grade 12 subjects from a specific list of academic courses
  • UBC later added personal profile
  • Universities starting to look at students from a more holistic approach and will start including grade 11 marks.

New SFU Requirements

New UBC Requirements

Trinity Western University

Douglas College


Education Planner

Course Information

Course diggers

Distributed Learning

SFU100% complete by January 31


UBC100% complete by February 1

Want to go the United States?

Student Athletes



Everything you wanted to know

Cost Savings

1. Residence: Live at home (make riding the bus your part time job)

2. Medical Plan - can opt out if covered by parents (save $260)

3. Parking rates on campus are $70 per month - all students have a transit pass included in tuition

4. Books - buys used and sell back - sometime online books are free

5.AP courses


Keep the Faith

University 101 powerpoint - Google Slides