Smart sales for the 21st century.

MSP accelerates peer learning in modern sales & rev ops, sales management, and sales systems staff.

What is the Modern Sales Pro Community?

Modern Sales requires a high-rigor, highly analytical, technically competent, and numerate approach to selling, in order to support high velocity, high complexity sales opportunities.

Willy Loman has, indeed, died.

The goal of the Modern Sales Community is to accelerate the learning and professional development of exemplars of this new school of selling through peer education, and provide an extremely high quality (yes, maybe even exclusive) environment to ensure that those aims are achieved.

An invite-only venue for
sales & revenue operations, sales enablement, sales leadership, and sales systems management staff, and those with aspirations to join those ranks.

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Invitation-only. Members nominate potential new members.

The MSP audience comes from over 4K of the best sales orgs.

MSP accelerates peer learning in modern sales & rev ops, sales management, and sales systems staff .

Amazing online conversations -- phenomenal events -- incredible people

  • 10,000+ Members
  • 3,000+ Companies
  • 30 Countries
  • 50 States

All thoroughly vetted

Monthly events in dozens of cities

These events are getting huge!

Upcoming Modern Sales Pros Salons - Apply to join MSP Here

Upcoming Events: Sign up for a Modern Sales Pros Salon

All our events are specifically for sales leadership, operations, management, and enablement folks.

Attendees are organized into small teams with peers who work at similar stage companies to share relevant best practices by discussing questions on the night's topic area. The events are totally free.

September Salons

Group discussions (sample video).

MSP includes offline events - with group learning sessions and dinner! Full example agenda


Food & Drink

Recent Modern Sales/ CS Pros Events

Can’t make an in-person event? Check out our Digital Salons.

Each hourlong MSP Digital Salon consists of five thought leaders or practitioners from MSP who discuss three questions on the salon’s topic area.

We also “promote” 5-10 members of the audience throughout the salon to share their experiences -- it’s a truly interactive experience that tries to approximate the interactivity of our in-person events, but digitally.

Prior digital salons library

Reach out to if you are interested in sponsoring a digital salon yourself.

Recent roundtable participants.

Remember the Google Group - It’s there for the rest of the time - Summary Threads


Agenda for Salons (Full example agenda)

  • 6:00 - 6:30 - Arrival, food, networking.
  • 6:30 - 6:35 - Welcome
  • 6:35 - 7:15 - Group Project #1
    • 5m: Intros (Name, company, role. <15 seconds ea)
    • 40m: Question discussion
  • 7:15 - 7:20: Table swap! (Except team leads!)
  • 7:20 - 8:00 Group Projects #2.
  • 8:00+: Closing and Networking

World Class Recruiting Opportunities -- Access to ‘vouched for’ candidates & opportunities

People love MSP and it shows!

In our first community-wide feedback survey, the MSP community earned a Net Promoter Score of 75.68 -- which is pretty darn good (NPS industry benchmarks here). You can see the NPS results broken down below:

Video overview on why people love MSP.

We are always looking to add amazing sales operations, enablement, and leadership operators to MSP.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Nominate new members using the new member application / nomination form.
  • Potential Members can also apply themselves using this form.

**NOTE -- New members need to have an existing member sponsor their access.

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Pete Kazanjy - Product Marketer / Product Manager turned Sales Leader

  • First “rep” (founder turned rep)
  • First “sales manager”
  • First “VP of Sales”
  • 20 sales reps ; 20 CS reps
  • New Product Sales Leader
  • 800 sales reps
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