In EOTC week we went on 2 trips, we had 2 arts and crafts day, and also a water fight for 1. One of my favorite things we did was kayaking. Kayaking was really fun and we got to play games in the kayaks. Another thing I enjoyed was rockclimbing. When we went rock climbing I got to the top of most walls. EOTC was a really fun week.

In Term 3 the Tui Team went to Howick. While we were there we did 4 activites, herbs, baking, spot the difference and school. My favorite activity was school because we got to see how different it was from now. When we did baking we made a scone, and it was super yummy. Howick was fun and we got to look at the old houses.

In Term 3 the school had a production. It was The Lion King jr. I was in the choir. Each lunchtime on fridays we practised our songs. We had a 1 day performance and 2 night performances. It was really fun.

In Room 17 Stu came and taught us how to play golf. It was really fun. and lucky me, I now live right next to the golf course. Stu taught us a lot of things.

This year we’ve had two brilliant teachers. They are Mrs Slee and Mr Worsop. Mr Worsop was really fun and so was Mrs slee. Thank you both for being really great teachers.

In Term 2 we had a cultural shared lunch. Everyone brought in something different from their culture. There were lots of yummy things. Most people bought in a desert.

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