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20 Minutes

A very excellent video is available that was given at RootsTech that explains unindexed image sets and how important sources are.

Robert Kehrer (pronounced Kare) gives us some new cool words, jump forward, poking (mean a different way to look) and slice n’ dice for a few.

He says don’t be scared of these type of source records and explains what they are and how to use them.

Finding Elusive Records on

Robert Kehrer

Sr Product Manager, Research Technologies

Presenter please show introduction,

first 4 minutes of video - click url above.

About 27 minutes

About 28 minutes

Scroll down until you find Robert Kehrer

FamilySearch has made it easier to attach an image that has not been indexed to a person in Family Tree.

If you find an unindexed image that has information about your ancestor you will be able to select the Family Tree person to attach the image to and provide a reason statement.

You can attach the image to other family members who may appear or be mentioned in the image.

Unindexed sources are identified in Historical Record Collections under Search as Browse Images.

You search them by type of record and place instead of by ancestor’s name.

Because they are not indexed the original source will show but no indexed or typed copy will be available.

You find the source record and easily index it and attach it to the correct person(s) in Family Tree.

The following slides walk you through it but the What’s New in the blog and the RootsTech Video have more information than we have time for you to read and watch to be able to help yourself and others that come into the library.

Please utilize the above but ask others and discuss any questions you might have, .. it is also a good way to learn

Search to Records to Browse

This is the start of Indexed and Browse Images

Can you tell the difference?


We choose Denmark Church Records, 1484-1941 to prove birth of man born 12 Jun 1841 known to be Baptized/christened 8 Aug 1841 in Dronninglund, Dronninglund, Denmark.

It’s not easy to browse more than 2 million images, so they make it easier.

Remember we search by type of record and place instead of by name.

Most searches for sources start with Country:

then State, Province,

then down to where the records are kept, - County, Parish, City

then by type of record source: birth, baptism, marriage, divorce, death, burial.

then District, Region,


Choice of


Click choice of District


Choice of Parish

See next page

Goes to this next page

Goes to this next page

This is the one to check his birth (Fødte) of 12 Jun 1841.

Record Type by year range

This is the beginning of 654 pages to browse, but there is an easy trick to it.

Zoom In

Zoom Out

Browse Multiple


Toggle Full Screen

Click Browse Multiple Images

to start.

To get started choose and click an image to see dates, 46 in this case. Zoom in and out to read.

Note the date of 1841, the correct year but the months of Jan and Feb, we need Jun.

We next choose Image 56 and over-shot the desired month, go back to between images 46 and 56.

Image 51 is the one, it’s number 38, Soren Christensen

No. Birth Name Parents Baptism

38 12 Juni Soren Christen- Christen Larsen 8th August

1841 sen Marianne Thomas 1841

To attach to the person in your Family Tree, click

You can change title to add whose record it is:

Soren Christensen 1841-1922 birth, Denmark Church Records, 1484-1941; pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1961-33490-177-93

Have ID handy or go to person to find ID of person you want to attach unindexed source to.

Give Reason

Choose person to attach source to and add Reason to Attach Source. Save

Soren Christensen 1841-1922 birth, Denmark Church Records, 1484-1941; pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1961-33490-177-93

Automatically fills in all, except the Reason This Source is Attached and any change in Title.

Soren Christensen, 1841-1922 Birth,

Always add Reason, for yourself and others.

This is the indexed source just created.

Others can click on url to see the original handwritten source and it is now indexed.

Try finding a source for one of your ancestors by browsing images that are not indexed in FamilySearch under Search and then Records.

It might be fun to try another category under Search, such as Genealogies, Catalogs, Books or Wiki.

These Way Pointing unindexed source records can be found under states in Alabama to Wisconsin, several are from Utah. Look under United States and other countries. Check them out!

This would be a great time and place to give a big thanks to the all members of the Cataloging group that are with us today. Let’s give them a big hand

and a thumbs up!

We do appreciate them

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