Automate with OctoPi

Brad Whitehead


Robotics and Engineering
Brazoswood HS

Brazoswood HS

Lake Jackson, Clute, Richwood, Freeport, Jones Creek,

in Brazoria County

2,500 Students

  • Who is using 3d printing in their classroom?
  • What is your 3d printing workflow?
  • Who is responsible for each step?
  • How could you improve your workflow?

Do you know the SD Card shuffle?

Automation makes it easier!

Who has experience with raspberry pi?

What you’ll need

  • Windows PC
  • 3D printer with USB input
  • Raspberry Pi
  • 8GB Micro SD card
  • 2 Amp Micro USB PS
  • HDMI (set up)
  • Octopi Bundle

OctoPi accessories

USB Webcam

Wifi Outlet

Why OctoPrint

Open source
Large community

Closed source
Nice UI
No EDU integration

Closed Source
Enterprise software
For large number of printers

Has anyone had any experience with 3d print servers?




SD Formatter

Notepad ++

Format your MicroSD

Extract the OctoPrint files

Flash the ISO image to the MicroSD

Edit the file


  • Eject the MicroSD card
  • Insert it into your RPi
  • Power up the RPi

Accessing OctoPrint

  • You can login to your OctoPi by entering its IP address in your browser
    • You may need IT to set up DHCP to always assign the same IP
    • Make sure you're connected to the same network

Using OctoPrint

How could Octoprint change your workflow?

Using Plugins

Polar Cloud

Google Classroom for your 3d printer.

  • Curriculum
  • Set up classes
  • Print queues
  • Multiple printer management
  • Connects with BlocksCAD and Tinkercad
  • Cloud slicing

Installing Polar Cloud

Using Polar Cloud

Would you utilize your printer more often if using Polar Cloud?

Name some challenges you might face while trying to implement this solution.

How could you overcome those challenges?

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