iPad Parent Orientation

Wausau School District

Goals Of The Meeting

  • Vision of 1:1
  • iPads at school
  • iPads at home
    • Securely Filtering
  • Breakout sessions

Develop global citizens who think creatively and critically, communicate and collaborate with others.


  • We want students to…
    • Be creative individuals
    • Take ownership of their learning
    • Demonstrate their learning
    • ENJOY what they do

How It Will Be Used At School

  • Available daily across all content areas
  • Develop creativity and choice
  • Create, connect and collaborate with other learning communities.

Explain Everything

Book Creator



Class Dojo

Sum Dog

Front Row


Reading Wonders






iPads At Home

  • Anytime, anywhere access to learning for students
  • Provide equitable access to learning for all students in the District
  • Provide real-life, diverse learning opportunities with practical applications beyond the classroom.

Quick Tips For iPads At Home

  • Setting expectations
    • Boundaries
  • Finding a balance
    • Being a role model
  • Protecting your child
    • Digital Citizenship

Resources: Common Sense Media


Setting Expectations and Boundaries

Device free zones

  • Dinner table
  • Car
  • Bedroom

Device Free Times

  • After 8:00 pm
  • Between 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Appropriate online use

  • Knowing passwords / passcodes
  • Parent approved websites.
  • School device intended for learning and academic resources.

Modeling A Balanced Life



Protecting Your Child / Digital Citizenship

  • Parental controls on Internet/wifi
  • Knowing passwords/passcodes
  • Monitoring child on device, choosing appropriate places to use device
  • Get involved, talk about what they are doing, what they learned. Have a conversation.
  • Check reviews/ratings (commonsensemedia.org)
  • Delivered through the cloud
  • Provides filtering both in-school and take-home filtering.
  • No amount of filtering

can replace an

observant parent.

ipad parent orientation-South Mountain - Google Slides