Welcome to the
3rd Quarter Slump

Parent Workshop
Mrs. Boyer & Mrs. Tamburello

What is the “3rd quarter slump??”

The time in the school year when students grades drop fast. The honeymoon is over and the end of the year seems so far away.

The phenomena of student’s test scores dropping and missing assignments increasing after time off and new technologies to play with.

7th inning stretch analogy

4 Strategies to support your child

through the 3rd Q slump

  • Attendance MATTERS!!
  • The 3C’s: communication, compromise, and Choose (your battles)
  • Some students may need extra guidance
  • Accountability with love and guidance

Attendance MATTERS!!

  • Come to school every day that you are healthy!
  • Bring homework and supplies.
  • Eat smart with healthy, filling meals!
    • Eat breakfast before school.
    • Eat lunch every day (pack or buy – lunch may be FREE!)
  • If your student must be absent…
    • Notify the office to give estimated absence.
    • Email teachers to request work. Check www.sandburgspartans.com or

teacher websites for daily assignemnts

    • Turn in absent work ASAP. Students can only receive full credit for work turned in quickly (number of days absent, plus one day).

Communication, Compromise, and Choose your Battles

Continue to use these 3C’s in building a relationship with your child

Continue to teach collaboration and problem solving skills

“talk to them, not at them.”

Get organized TOGETHER.

  • Set aside time to teach organization weekly.
  • Use an organization checklist to stay on track.
  • Make sure students have all supplies each week.
    • Pens, pencils, paper, color pencils, reading book
  • Create a family calendar for tests, quizzes, and projects.
  • Check planner nightly to confirm homework completion.
  • Teach your child to INTERACT with the planner. Mark it up.
  • Use family dinner time to discuss daily events.
    • Celebrate accomplishments.
    • Plan to overcome obstacles.

How to Help at Home

  • Prepare for the week every Sunday.
    • Supplies, clean binder/backpack, PE clothes, calendar setup
  • Have dinner as a family to discuss progress daily.
    • Celebrate accomplishments.
    • Plan to overcome obstacles.
  • Interact with student’s planner together daily.
  • Check Aeries & discuss together.
    • Schedule a consistent day/time to review aeries with your child.

Let your child know that you are a TEAM!

Believe, but follow up.

  • Discuss current progress and opportunities for improvement
  • Encourage your student to advocate for themselves by:
  • emailing teachers about grades: firstinitiallastname@glendora.k12.ca.us (lboyer@glendora.k12.ca.us)
  • Talking to their teachers and/or counselor
  • Develop positive incentives for reachable goals.
  • Rewards for homework completion & passing test scores
  • Appropriate consequences (poor test = nightly studying, not TV)

Your student will rise to your high expectations!

Student Support at School

  • After school tutoring/Homework Club (Monday-Thursday)
  • Computer access in the library 8:00am-3:30pm daily
  • Teacher webpages & links for support
  • www.sandburgspartans.com www.goddardtitans.com
  • Teacher & staff support in & out of class
  • Morning Math Tutorials/Math Buddies (7:50-8:20 on Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Counselor support all day

Teachers & staff are on your student’s team, too!

Stay Involved at School!

Know what clubs/sports are available

WEB Applications are coming soon (7th graders only)

ASB Elections (7th and 6th grade)

AVID (all grades)

Sports (intramurals) track coming soon!

Lunchtime Activities

See website for other opportunities

Be an active part of the school community!

Important upcoming dates

  • 3rd Q progress report: The week of February 6th
  • 3rd Q ends March 10th
  • Open House Thursday March 23
  • Spring Break March 27- March 31
  • SBAC testing window April 10- May 5
  • Registration: Goddard April 3-7

Sandburg April 4

GHS counselor presentation 2/21 &2/22

8th grade parent night 2/28

Registration cards due 3/8 & 3/9

Last day of school Friday May 26

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