Things we are going to do there:

  • Pioneer Life
  • Winter Survival
  • Treetops Course
  • Archery
  • Naturalist programs
  • Night Hike

Things to bring

  • Use your list and common sense
  • Winter gear (boots, jacket, hat, gloves, etc.)
    • DO NOT PACK IN BAG!!! (Bring to classroom)
  • Clothes for each day and sleeping gear (pillow, blankets)
  • PJ’s, socks, and undies
  • Towel, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
    • EVERYONE must take 1 shower!
  • DEODORANT (You WILL Smell!)
  • Bring up to $30 for gift shop (envelope with name in suitcase)


  • If on medication fill out med form (p. 16 in packet) and return to nurse (due Jan. 31)
    • Prescription meds must have physician's order
  • Medical Release Form (due January 25)
    • Must have or child cannot go
    • Bottom of sheet has spot for over the counter med administration (Meds available at Eagle Bluff)
  • Payment: $54 (due January 25)

3 Strike Rule

  • Shouldn’t be an issue
  • Same rules apply at Eagle Bluff as they do school
  • You will get two warnings if your behavior is not acceptable
  • After two talks, if problem isn’t resolved, you are sent packing


  • Day of the trip
    • Snow gear in classroom not on trailer
    • Be here at 8:00
    • Do not ride the bus
  • Return on Friday
    • Bus will arrive at 2:15
    • Be here ready to pick up students at this time (If you cannot make this time, please make arrangements for your student)
    • Students are not permitted to ride bus or walk home (Someone needs to get them)


Pioneer Life

Treetops Course

Winter Survival

Where will we stay?


  • 2 meals day 1, 3 meals day 2, 2 meals day 3
  • Food wise program and clean plate award
    • Want to conserve resources
    • Wasted food = wasted resources
    • Can waste no more than 3-5 lbs of food over 7 meals
    • Take what you know you like and what you can eat

Eagle Eye Award

  • Award based on behavior and ability to keep environment clean
  • Be responsible for yourself and Eagle Bluff
  • Clean up after yourself and make sure you turn off lights and water

What if I get sick?

  • Find Mr. Bitzan
  • Mr. Bitzan will help sit with you in the sick room and take care
  • Even if it is 3:00 am, go find Mr. Bitzan
  • DO NOT WAKE MR. SCHOFIELD! (He has two small kids that wake up every night at that time and this is his vacation!)

Chaperone Expectations

Expectations Doc

Please review this doc before our trip


Eagle Bluff - Google Slides