Uploading Yearbook Photos - Mobile Device

Carl Peake
Yearbook Sponsor
Ocean Lakes Elementary School

Google Drive

Download the Google Drive app from Apple or Google Play and install it on your compatible mobile device.

Sign into Google Drive using your student’s VBCPS credentials. (e.g. 412345@vbstudents.com).

*NOTE - The images in this set of instructions were created on an Apple iPhone with Google Drive installed from the App Store. I have not tried this process on an Android-based device. Please let me know if you find it is significantly different.

Shared Folder

Click on the Shared icon and locate your personal Yearbook Photos folder, which will have your student’s VBCPS ID number in the name. (e.g. YB-425794)

Yearbook Folder

Tap on the Yearbook (YB) folder to open it. The first time you do this there won’t be any files/photos.

Upload Files

Tap the colored “PLUS” sign at the bottom of the app.

This will open a set of options for uploading files/photos.

Upload Files

Tap the Upload button, then select Photos and Videos.

Select and Upload Photos

Tap to select all of the photos you’d like to add to the Yearbook folder and then tap Upload.

Wait for Photos to Upload

Be patient.

Depending on the number of photos you’ve selected, the resolution, and your network, this may take a few minutes.

When finished, you should see a list and thumbnails of the uploaded pictures.

Thank you for your contribution to the Ocean Lakes ES yearbook!

Uploading Yearbook Photos - Mobile - Google Slides