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How we send qualified traffic and sales to our Brand Partners via YouTube.

By: Eric Worral owner of LoCo Ventures, Inc.


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Eric Worral



A former Marketing Director and now full time Content Creator. At his former job he launched and managed an affiliate program and understands the pain of dealing with coupon affiliates and other low value affiliates.


Eric Worral started on YouTube in October of 2012.

Since that time he’s learned how to create sticky “evergreen” content that continues to help brands get in front of interested buyers.

To date his channels have received nearly 9 million views and continue to grow.

Amazon Overview

In 2020 Eric’s YouTube channels sent Amazon 49,264 clicks resulting in 4,002 purchases totaling $136,172.47


Impact Radius

In 2020 Eric’s YouTube channels sent Impact Radius 10,783 clicks resulting in 1,810 actions. EPC tend to be about 3.5x higher than what merchants state because a YouTube viewer is much more informed and ready to buy when they click an affiliate link.



Here’s a recent snapshot of the last 30 days of sales on Shareasale. You can see the daily amount fluctuates from 1 to 14 sales per day on that platform.


Case Study

Here’s a quick case study of how this all works. We will use MacPaw which makes helpful software for Mac users. One of those tools help Mac users find and delete duplicate photos.

MacPaw in 2020

In 2020 there were 1,902 clicks sent to MacPaw products resulting in 191 actions and sales of $6,629.67. More importantly there was only 1 reversal because educated consumers have far less refund requests.


How Do People Find My Content?

They Find it On YouTube

Rankings can vary from one search to the next but you’ll see my video from “Social Nope” is in the 2nd position for “delete duplicate photos on Mac”

In the video I show them free ways to do this but a quicker and easier way using MacPaw’s software. My process is to educate and then ask for the sale.

They Find it On Google

In this image is a “video carousel” and it shows my video in the 2nd position.

So one video is showing up on YouTube AND Google for a relevant search term.

I answer their questions and include their link in the description below.

List of successful case studies

There are various keywords people are searching before they make a purchase. I conduct keyword research to figure out how I can create helpful content to sell products and services. Sometimes it’s a wider net (blender reviews) and sometimes it’s a smaller audience with specific pain points (tall people buying a standing desk). I educate and then ask for the sale.

01 | Blender Reviews - 350k organic views and climbing (100s of blenders sold via Amazon)

02 | Best Standing Desk for Tall Person (20 Vari Sales in 2020)

03 | Gas vs Electric Lawn Mower - 16k views - Product Review for EGO

04 | Nissan Altima Won’t Start - 356k views and climbing - (Sells Brake Switches)

05 | Best Inflatable Kayaks - 20k views - Product Review for Driftsun (sold out in 2020)

Wrapping it Up!

I get it… a lot of affiliate marketers are hucksters trying to make a buck anyway they can. I experienced this running a custom affiliate program myself. They would bid on brand keywords, create coupon sites, send bad traffic, or comment on other people’s content with their own affiliate links. Besides being against terms and conditions it would create a bad experience for the end-user resulting in refunds and a bad customer experience.

My process is to conduct keyword research and then create educational videos that will pull in organic views over time. People appreciate my efforts and will gladly use my affiliate links to pay it back. As much as I love making a living as an affiliate marketer, I also love comments like the one shown above that came in on my blender review video.

Just as you’re looking for quality partners, I’m the same way. I like Win-Win relationships where the Brand, Affiliate, and Customer all win together. I look forward to working with you soon.

  • Eric Worral

Thank you.