LAUSD Student Email
Password Change

Created by Sherri Whitham, Teacher Librarian

Why get an LAUSD email?

Activating your account gives you access to:

  • The LAUSD wireless network
  • A school email account to correspond with teachers, students and professionals
  • Schoology Account
  • District Google Drive Apps for Education with unlimited storage
  • Google Drive Apps on smart devices
  • Your textbook and library records
  • District subscription databases outside the LAUSD network
  • Campus Chromebooks

What You Need to Create or Reset your Email

You will need 3 pieces of information to access your account:

    • Your 10 digit district ID (your birthdate + M or F + three digits assigned by the district. It is the number on your ID card)
    • Your Birth Date
    • Your PIN number (Your teachers can provide you with your PIN)

Begin by clicking on the LAUSD Student Email link on the HHS library website. There is a link to the library site off the Hollywood High School Site

Click on Student.

Select the Activate or Reset Account Link.

Read and agree to the Reasonable Use Policy (RUP) and click Accept at the bottom of the window.

Enter requested information, then click Next.

Enter District I.D. + Birth Date + Student PIN

Enter your birthdate in this format.

Create a password, following the password rules.


  • Your user ID
  • Your email address
  • Your password

Store this information in a safe place. Never give your account information to anyone. Ever! It may take 10 minutes up to 24 hours for your account activation to take effect.


  • If you forget your password or your password expires, you will need to reset it yourself by going to the link on the library website.
  • Make a note or commit your student I.D. number and PIN number to memory. You will need this information to reset your email or change your password.
  • Do not share your student email password with anyone.
  • This is a school email and anything you send through this email can be seen by district personnel.
  • Users should have no expectation of privacy regarding their use of District equipment, network, and/or Internet access or files, including email.

Access your LAUSD Gmail and the Google Apps by using the link on the library website or by going to

Enter your email address and when prompted enter your password.

Create emails by clicking on the compose tab. Don’t forget to give the message a title in the subject line.

Google Apps and Google Drive

Access Google Apps here.

Access Google Drive here.

Write papers in Google Docs, make presentations in Google Slides and much more …..

Type and save your writing in a Google Doc just like you would in a Word document.

Type the title of the document here.

Share the document

with others.

Click on the Library Catalog to look up your Textbook and Library Account

Click on the Catalog tab.

Click on Login

LAUSD Email Account Name

Example: sbg001 (info. before the @)

Enter LAUSD Email Password

See what library and textbooks are checked out and if fines are owed.

Student email activation instructions.pptx - Google Slides