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6--2005 Neighbor Continues To Apply Poison To Boatner's Property, July 2005

I placed railroad ties along the 300’ common boundary shared with Mark Conlee in May 2005 to divert the stormwater from flooding her property toward the City drainage ditch. Any reasonable person could determine by the blueprints Conlee was intending to divert stormwater onto my property. Mark Holland at no time followed standard procedure, Holland issued and approved the construction prior the the construction. This is not an error, this is a conspiracy deprivation of right under color of law.

Public record shows several Council Members claiming they drove by and did not see chemicals It is unreasonable they could not have seen this 300’ long property that I owned. This photo taken in July 2005 shows a section of the 300’ common boundary between Mr. Conlee and I. The entire 300’ was as it is in this photo. I contacted all City Officials however Council member Cathy Roberts Farnsworth was the only member to show the professional courtesy to come to location as requested.

Lee County Attorney Michael Short advised that “Mark Conlee said” he only put chemicals at the base of the fence. Easy to see he put it on Boatner's side of the fence. Michael Short directly violated my 14th Amendment Rights. The fact that Conlee was unstoppable in his determination to apply chemicals to my property implicates him having the intent to cause me bodily harm or death.


6-26-2007 State vs Boatner second complaint on Conlee;s behalf SMSM 012815


7-2-2007 Boatner email to Lee County Attorney Mike Short


7-2-2007 Boatner letter to Lee County Attorney Michael Short pg 2


7-2-2007 Boatner letter to Lee County Attorney Michael Short pg 3


7-2-2007 Summons State of Iowa vs Melody Boatner


8-27-2007 case # smsm 12861 continued


RE: mitigation

lawsuit related

previous contacts xshort@leecounty.org


to songboat

 I do not intent to continue to rehash the same information. What you term as “facts” is disputed. The act of poisoning complained of is, as I recall, involving certain legal weed killing chemicals. I do not remember at this time whether the property line was established by land survey. What you claim as your property line may not be agreed to by your neighbor. Conlee claims he sprayed weed killer along his fence line on his side of the fence. You say you are allergic to that weed killer and it produced a severe reaction.

 I have asked the sheriff to investigate a number of incidents involving you and Mr. Conlee. A number of these incidents were downright childish. He/she gave me the finger, or said something derogatory or offensive, but I have asked the sheriff to investigate nonetheless.

 If you believe that you have evidence of criminal activity, please tell me. If in my judgment, you do have information which warrants further investigation, I will ask for further investigation.

 I have repeatedly suggested mediation. A bad neighbor is like a bad marriage, only you can not get a divorce. File one criminal charge, and it is only an invitation for your neighbor to look for the opportunity to do likewise. My experience has taught me that sitting down together with the help of a trained mediator is the best way to solve these problems.

 I expect all of law enforcement to do its job. We will also evaluate the credibility of information. You both may be good citizens, quit capable of being honest and trustworthy witnesses. But in this circumstance, with the mutual animosity I want “independent” witnesses before I consider any charge.

12-2-2007 Letter from Lee County Attorney Michael Short to Boatner


12-2-2007 Break down of the previous page the red answers are what I would have replied if given the opportunity.

Short: What you term as “facts” is disputed.

Short was using the word of Mark Conlee as evidence, My evidence was solid indisputable.Mark Conlee says is hearsay/

Short: I do not remember at this time whether the property line was established by land survey.

Short had the duty to find out if the property had been surveyed. Legitimate sources, not “Mark Conlee says”

Short: You say you are allergic to that weed killer and it produced a severe reaction

I am no Dr. I assumed it was an allergic reaction, I was wrong. Regardless if I had anything physically wrong Conlee or nobody else has the right to trespass on my property. Is Short that stupid? In violation of a civil court order.

I have asked the sheriff to investigate a number of incidents involving you and Mr. Conlee. A number of these incidents were downright childish. He/she gave me the finger, or said something derogatory or offensive, but I have asked the sheriff to investigate nonetheless.

Deputy Dave Hunold came to my home after the first allegation that I gave Conlee the middle finger. I admitted I did but that is not a criminal offense. I showed him the civil court ruling citing my right to enjoy my property. He advised me the judge did not specifically state the no chemicals could be applied to my property. I was well within the law when I gave him the finger. This was the second time harassment was directed at me by Conlees by Short allowing him to harass,me with intent to cause financial harm. I plead not guilty to the fabricated laws Short brought against me on Conlee’s behalf.I sat with officer Hunold for nearly 2 hours. Showing him evidence that Conlee knowingly made false statements. He got up to leave, I advised him that I wanted to file trespassing complaint against Conlee. His response was that he was not at my home to file anything on my behalf. He was only there to investigate the allegation that I gave Conlee the finger


From: songboat [mailto:songboat@iowatelecom.net
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 2:42 PM
To: short@leecounty.org
Cc: John Riccolo; AG Webteam
Subject: mitigation


Mr. Short,

I had no resolve as to this ongoing criminal attack against me by Mark Conlee. I want to make sure that you  heard what I was telling you when I met with you at your office. Mark Conlee has intentionally poisoned  me over a period of 2 years. It is a proven fact that he came onto my property after being verbally warn by me to never ever step on my property again. Are you still  telling me that an intentional act to harm someone is a civil matter? I tried to take your advice. Conlee is not willing to take your advice of mitigation.  I did attempt to file a "civil" complaint against Conlee for trespassing as you suggested. The clerk of court in Keokuk told me what I already knew, criminal complaints are filed by the County Attorney. Your email very clearly informed me that you did not care. Are you still going to stand by that decision? Again my common sense tells me if domestic abuse is prosecuted by the state, then poisoning of a neighbor most certainly is. The second year Conlee continues to expose me chemicals without my knowledge he without authority to do so, He applied chemicals to City property that adjoins mine in an effort to cite me with nuisance weeds. First he had to get the majority of the council to vote to adopt the nuisance weed ordinance. The fact that my property has never been altered and I am protected by the grandfather clause. The city now also is liable for intentionally inflicting harm on me. Never has the city applied chemicals to that area, let alone the fact that this ditch is the headwaters of a creek that feeds directly into the Mississippi. An EPA investigation determined the City had violated the very stringent laws required before any type of chemical be applied by any city employee.  A fact I have also know for 40 years. is that holding an elected council seat does authorize council member Conlee to do anything but city council business. As a matter of fact they are expected to hold a higher regard to law than Joe Blo or Jane Doe. The City in fact does not carry insurance coverage for anyone who is not an employee to be maintained streets.  Mr. Short surely you are wise enough that I do not have paint the whole picture for you. This information is common knowledge to any adult American educated past primary school.

I know all the facts about this case. It is a fact that Conlee and I are the only people who do know what he has done. He has done much more than poison me,  Conlee also committed arson on the double-wide mobile home. There is enough evidence still available that should send him to the Fort for 10 years.

12-17-2007 email from Melody Boatner to Lee County Attorney Michael Short


He is deserving of nothing less. This is known by every adult on this block. Everyone of them more than willing testify to these facts. Conlee implicated himself by statements he made just just prior to the fire. We are all extremely offended as to the immoral behavior of Conlee and knowing in fact how severely I have suffered. Not just me we all know that he will never be held accountable for such serious immoral and criminal offenses. We all know as well, the mayor and Conlee both had a motive to do this. We all know there were 3 people that knowingly participated in the arson. The neighbors  have read Conlee closing argument of the civil case, the first thing out of their mouths was " I can't believe how much he lied." They have read judge Linn's decision and know the testimony he claimed to base his decision on was nothing similar to that witness's actual testimony. That witness feels very violated. She is very angry the judge erred  about what she said. Conlee tells of what the (he) City plans to do to me. We know that he has a vendetta and until his term is up in 2010, resigns or is criminal prosecuted whichever comes first my life is in danger. He clearly has a mental disorder, He is compelled to display the degree of his power with no regard to adverse results of any other person. I am well educated in behavioral science there is a name for his disorder.  What type of information do you need to  have that would change your "frankly not care" to "frankly don't care who he is". If I had the authority to prosecute I would have no need to assure myself you know the facts of this situation. Are you agreeing the only option I have left is to shoot him.  I am praying that I can convince you to change your mind and choose to end this nightmare.  Could you at least contact one neighbors on this block and ask what they have witnessed? Someone deserves the opportunity to be heard at least. You can still choose not to prosecute. It makes no difference who except of course Mark Conlee. In fact he has confessed to the poisoning. Cirinna has confessed to fraud. It would be difficult not to win a case like this.


Melody Boatner

PO Box 328

Montrose, Ia 52639


    n crime (krim) n. ca.1920. An unkind or immoral act to fellow man.

12-17-2007 Email from Boater to Lee County Attorney Michael Short pg 2


Re: mitigation

lawsuit related

previous contacts

 Melody Boatner <songboat@gmail.com>12/21/07 to short Thank you so for your response.
Mr. Short,
I have never filed a complaint against Conlee. My complaint has never been against Conlee, My complaint has always been against the "City." Conlee filed a civil complaint against me. The judge dismissed the case. This has not been a back and forth effort to "get each other back" as you seem to indicate you believe is going on. I can assure you that his ability to so consistently file complaints against me is much more unbelievable to me that you. I have been the defendant in 4 complaints file against me by Conlee. In fact the finger complaint you are speaking of is a criminal complaint filed against by the State (your office)  was because Conlee told Chief Shipman I gave him the finger. No evidence was required.  I  contacted you  to in an effort for you to use your authority to make the City stop participating in enabling Conlee to "get me back". In reference to the poison issue. Conlee admission to applying poison to my property without my knowledge. This that information is in the written closing argument of the in the civil he filed against me. I have a copies of these documents. I am not referring to facts that are not documented. I am well aware of the facts in my situation. How can my facts be disputed if I have never had to opportunity to present them. The following year Conlee applied the same chemical to the City's property that adjoins mine If you would allow me the opportunity to present my evidence to you. I can try to convince you to bo believe what I am telling you or you could review the evidence I have and agree that Conlee and the City  are both guilty of intentional and criminal activity. We would have no need to dispute the information I have been trying to get you to review. The relationship of the witnesses on my behalf is compelling enough that you may reconsider and review what you are not aware of in regards to this situation. I have reports from the EPA in regards to an investigation they did on poison issue. This information is without question are facts. The details of evidence they were able to prove is in this report is seems incredible to me. The facts cannot be disputed by anyone. Facts are established by admission of the offender in the prior court cases. Those facts cannot be disputed they have already been proven. I have been  helpless to control of anything about this situation. I have filed a complaint with the attorney discipline board in July. I have not been notified of their decision. I have no ability to force any criminal actions against any of the offenders. You have no personal knowledge of my character. If you did you would know that I do not lie, cheat or steal. You would be confident that anything

12-21-2007 Boatner reply to Lee County Attorney Michael Short email 12-21-2007 pg 1


I tell you, you could take to the bank. Your accusations as to what I have done are not from facts. I can assure you that I have not and will not disrespect myself as you claim. The relationship of the witnesses who have stepped forward on

my behalf indicates to me that they know who acted disrespectful and morally unacceptable in the attack that I have suffered.  The information I have given you that fraud or arson is supported by facts. you can take that to the bank. You have been misinformed of the facts. You were shown the court documents I am speaking of the day I came to your office. The reason I went to see you at your office was so you could see for yourself the documented facts. I never expected you or anyone
else to take legal action because "I said so".
Melody Boatner

12-21-2007 Boatner reply to Lee County Attorney Michael Short email 12-21-2007 pg 2

All evidence Lee County Attorney used was “Mark Conlee said” that is hearsay. The evidence and witnesses I had were legitimate proof and the credibility of my witnesses could not be questioned as they were experts in their own field. Lee County Attorney Mike Short participated conspiracy against rights, deprivation of rights under color of law and terrorist acts with intent to cause serious injury. The second year he suggested mitigation Karl Judd advised me that he determined I could not afford it. I had already sent my request in and have the evidence to prove I had the money. Karl Judd conspired to deprive me of my rights under color of law.


3-7-2008 Boatner advising Lee County Attorney Michael Short that she does want to pursue charges against City of Montrose Clerk, Celeste Cirinna

Boatner replied that I did want and investigation, Short did not respond, I am still waiting for the investigator to knock on my door.


tsongboat@gmail.com 4-7-2008


songboat <songboat@gmail.com>sreno4/7/08 

Dear Mr. Reno,

Chuck Eckermann referred me to contact you. The information I have
regarding violations of Federal laws and regulations by both the City
of Montrose and Lee County needs to be exposed. I have been put in a position that leaves me no choice but to blow the whistle on those who have participated in serious criminal offenses. The relationship of those involved require an independent investigation. I have emails
from the County Attorney in which he states that he would have to have an independent investigation. To my knowledge he has not followed through with this. A telephone call to City Hall is in no way an independent investigation. Do you have the authority to investigate this ongoing situation?
Melody Boatner

4-7-2008 Chuck Eckerman referral to contact Steve Reno

This is the letter I wrote to a referral from internet contact.

This is the letter I wrote to a referral from internet contact.


4-9-2008 Email from Boatner to Lee County Attn Mike Short –conflict of interest

songboat <songboat@gmail.com>4/9/08 too short conflict of interest


Mr. Short are you going to recuse yourself and request an independent investigation? You stated that you would investigate criminal offenses if I had evidence. I have a lot of evidence. I understand you and Bob Conlee have worked together a long time. I have known most of these people all my life to. Look at the relationship of my witnesses. I am sure they would have not been put in this position. They feel morally obligated to tell what they have witnessed. Send someone from outside Lee County. The use of chemicals has been going on for 2 years. The EPA investigator told me that due to the stringent laws it is unheard of for a City apply it as was done to me. The City has the duty to act or rescues as explained in the Grow Smart legislative guidebook 2002 edition. The City has it. They also have the Federal Stormwater Management Regulations, Steve Cirinna is the Lee County FEMA rep. would be the expert but not since his wife has played a big part on Conlees behalf. The Local Government has the duty. The City of Montrose has not even pretended to do the right thing. Do you recognize a conflict of interest in the City Government listed below? This isn't going to go away. Mark Conlee clearly wants to "get me back" because his civil case against me was dismissed. He should recuse himself from any issue with me. The building permit for Conlees home has not been signed by the builder or approved by the administrator. There is a problem for sure. Again I will request an investigation as to ongoing criminal offenses I have witnessed.

conflict of interest?



Mark Conlee Property Buyer-redeveloper Co-worker of Jeff Junkins -brother of Bob Conlee -Fireman. Conlee had a suspicious fire of the existing mobile home that clearly needs an independent investigation.

Ron Dinwiddie Property Seller-Mayor-Fireman

Jeff Junkins Council member-Co-worker of Mark Conlee-Fireman

Mark Holland  Council member-Building Administrator  intentionally negligent in his duty as a-Fireman

Judy Brisby Sister of Mark Holland-Council member-

Bob Conlee Lee County criminal Investigator-

Brother of Mark Conlee  

Celeste Cirinna City Clerk-admitted to several counts of fraud,

Steve Cirinna Lee County FEMA officer, husband of Celeste, authority of Federal stormwater regulations


4-9-2008 Letter from Boatner to Lee County Attorney Michael Short list of conspirators and witnesses pg 1


Witnesses wanting to testifying on my behalf against the City

Gary Dinwiddie Neighbor-brother

of Ron Dinwiddie listed above- 25+yr employment City of Ft Madison Street Dept

Jake Holland son of Mark Holland, previous renter of M. Conlees property 

listed above-previous tenant of Conlee property-employed numerous yrs construction- fireman

Bob Dodds Lee County

Ext. Agent wrote letter to Mayor Dinwiddie as to Iowa drainage laws . He also noticed that not only was the building permit was not signed by the builder, Bob Dodds was charged a fee for his building permit whereas no fee had been paid by Mark Conlee The structure has never been approved by the building administrator Mark Holland.

Sally Fowler Neighbor-certified


Randy Kirchner Assisted in repair

of my home when purchased in 1995- employed 23 yrs Keokuk Contractors-now employed Lee County road dept

John Farmer Currently  Lee County Law Enforcement- previously employed 15+ yrs Chief of Police City of Montrose and Montrose water and sewer Dept.

Cathy Farnsworth council member will testify that she asked Mark Holland if he was going to address my complaints his reply was "no".

Mike Smith guard at Ft Madison penitentiary, long time Montrose deputy.

crime (krim) n. ca.1920. An unkind or immoral act to fellow man.

4-9-2008 email from Boatner to Lee County Attorney Michael Short list of conspirators and witnesses pg 2


11-8-2008 Boatner response to Lee County Attorney letter date 12-21-2007 pg 1


No charges will be filed against Fort Madison police officer who shot a man

    • Posted: Sep 12, 2014 2:25 PM CDT



Officer Karl Judd


FORT MADISON, Ia. (WGEM) -The Lee County Attorney's Office says a Fort Madison police officer that shot and killed a man in early August will not be charged.

(Read: Officer-involved shooting at Fort Madison home)

According to a letter to Lee County Attorney Michael Short dated Sept. 12, Special Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown determined Officer Karl Judd's use of lethal force was justifiable homicide.

The letter states the incident occurred Aug. 3 and started around 1:30 a.m. Officers found Ryan J. Swearingen, 27, slashing tires on multiple vehicles with a knife in the alley between the 1400 block of Avenue D and Avenue E.

Swearingen then ran from police and into a home at 1527 Avenue E. Judd followed him into the home before Swearingen came out of a closet, brandishing a knife. 

Judd shot Swearingen multiple times. He was pronounced dead at the Fort Madison Community Hospital.

Judd's lethal force was justified by law for the following reasons:

(From Brown's letter)

1. Officers had an obligation to engage Ryan Swearingen based upon the report made to them by [Mendy] LeMoyne. A failure to contact Swearingen could have resulted in further harm to property or physical harm to other persons.

9-12-2014 The Lee County Attorney's Office referred the investigation to the Iowa Attorney General's Office because of a conflict of interest. Pg 1


2. Officers made an attempt to stop Ryan before he entered any residence. However, Ryan refused to comply with the commands of Officer Carle and fled the area armed with multiple knives. Ryan committed a further offense of interference with official acts in the officer's presence by fleeing the scene after having been observed committing the crime of criminal mischief and been given commands to stop by police.

3. Captain Carle only lost sight of Ryan for a short period of time and pursued him to the Swearingen house. Ryan further failed to respond to the officer's demands to open the door or comply peaceably with officers. Ryan continued to possess multiple knives in the house and was behaving in a manner that created a situation of uncertainty that was threatening and dangerous for the officers and, when viewed objectively, for any occupants of the home.

4. Despite being confronted with an overwhelming show of force Ryan continued his dangerous behavior and actions towards the officers by further retreating into the home and concealing himself in a closet near the officers who were attempting to enter.

5. Officer Judd's version of events is credible and supported by the evidence. Ryan made an aggressive and potentially deadly move toward Officer Judd with a knife in his hand. Had the officer not fired his gun he risked serious injury or death.

6. It has been suggested by some family members of Ryan that one or more of them had a direct line of sight of Officer Judd when he fired his weapon. This is not supported by their statements or the officer's accounts. The only person to directly observe the actions of Ryan just before the shooting was Officer Judd. Other officers, as well as others in the residence, all had an obstructed view of Ryan, while he was concealed in the closet and just before he was shot. 

"In the instant an officer has to make a decision to shoot, he must process the situation and circumstances before him in his own mind independent of other officers," the letter stated. "The decision must be made in an instant at the time the threat is perceived. In other words there is no time to consult other officers concerning a decision to shoot or not shoot."

Although the office determined the shooting was justified, the letter stated a question had been raised as to whether or not officers were justified in their entry into the home.

"Typically, law enforcement would need a search warrant to obtain authority to enter a third party's home to search for a person," the letter stated. "However, if exigent circumstances exist or officers are in 'hot pursuit' of a subject who has committed a crime, a warrantless entry is justified."

The Lee County Attorney's Office referred the investigation to the Iowa Attorney General's Office because of a conflict of interest.

9-12-2014 The Lee County Attorney's Office referred the investigation to the Iowa Attorney General's Office because of a conflict of interest.


Evidence reviewed by Michael Short, his response was that “Mark Conlee said” he had just sprayed the bottom of his side of the fence. This photo supports the Mark Conlee applied the chemicals to Boatner’s side of the fence and perhaps some overspray got on Conlee’s own property.


Evidence that was reviewed by Lee County Attorney Michael Short, his response was that I was having an allergic reaction


Evidence submitted by Boatner reviewed by Lee County Attorney Michael Short proving Mark Conlee was trying to use his position as Montrose City council member to violate a civil court order that had already determined the curtain was not a nuisance. Boatner sprayed “Do not spray weed killer on this property of the Conlee side of the fence. Conlee trying to make claim that the curtain was now signage.


Evidence that was given to Boatner in what she believes was Lee County Detective trying to set her up to prove association with illegal drug activity. Request was for her to give this document to a known felon convicted of illegal drug activity. Boatner did give this document to Assistant Attorney General of Iowa Scott Brown, who disregarded it due to the date. Boatner wants this investigated as it has been suppressed from the general public

Original Building Permit Filed



In the circled area Value is handwritten $40,880 Fee $ is blank. The issue date at the top is 7-12-2004. Complainant had only noticed that this permit was invalid due to no Builder's signature. Building Administrator Holland was intentionally negligent at least for his lack of oversight and pre-approval of issuance of this permit and every other issue on behalf of Mr. Conlee.

The question is why did these City Officials conspire to appease Mr. Conlee’s every unlawful action? I believe some were accomplices to the suspicious fire that destroyed the existing home. Mark Holland was the fire chief at that time.

Evidence reviewed by Lee County Attorney Michael Short proving fraud committed by City of Montrose clerk, Celeste Cirinna

Building Permit Altered From Original Document Filed At City Hall reviewed by Lee County Attorney Mike Short





Unsigned by builder as required by State Law


9/31/2016 Is Lee County Attorney Mike Short showing sex discrimination? Four females have reported assault and he fails to prosecute any of the males that were the assailants. His duty is to prosecute all criminal offenses that occur in Lee County, Ia

3 women have been seriously assaulted

It was recently brought to my attention that 3 women have been seriously assaulted, the attackers were identified and the Lee County Attorney denied them their right to file a criminal complaint against the assailants. These were not domestic abuse cases. I also was denied the right to file a criminal complaint against a person whose intent it was to cause me serious injury. This seems to be a pattern of behavior by the Lee County attorney. I first contacted Short anonymously over the telephone. His secretary happened to be on vacation that day and Mr. Short answered the phone himself. I described the situation where the City clerk had altered to original building permit He advised me that he had a problem with what I described on the phone. I advise him that I would be directly, when I got to his office and he realized who the parties were and, who I was, he could have more intentionally negligent.. He looked at the photos and told me the perp said something different than what the photo evidence proved. In several email conversations we had, he stated that he had sent an officer down to investigate. I did not get the chance to advise him that the officer refused to file a trespassing complaint on my behalf, stating that he was only investigating the second complaint that I gave neighbor the finger. So was this denial of my right to file a criminal complaint the decision of the Lee County Deputy or was he directed to deny my equal rights to protection of the law by Mr. Short. Mr Short also mentioned that he would have to have an independent investigation. I am not sure what that means but I do no that at no time were any of my "compelling" witnesses interviewed. I did tell him yes I wanted an investigation. He advised me that, he would decide who gets prosecuted in Lee County. My allegations were never investigated. To prove credibility of the perp all that is needed is to for me to present documents that are clearly fraudulent from the original or conflicting statements of the interrogatories and the written complaint in the civil court case. If you or you know of anyone who was violated of a criminal offense and the evidence proves your allegations but were denied the right to file a criminal complaint against against that person by Lee County Attorney Michael Short contact me. Seems like Mr. Short needs a reality check, his duty is to prosecute all criminal offenses in Lee County. In my case he denied me a legitimate complaint but filed 2 frivolous charges against me, Nonexisting criminal offenses on the taxpayers dime. Someone might want to advise Mr. Short his job description is to file criminal complaints against all criminal offenses in Lee County, it is unlawful for him to pick and choose who is going to get prosecuted in Lee County. Perhaps the media would consider interviewing him so he can explain to the public what gives him the right to discriminate. I want to know.

In fact I was given an affidavit some years ago that implicates Mr. Short in illegal drug activities. I presented it to the Assistant to the Iowa Attorney General, he glanced at it and handed it back to me saying it was so long ago it was irrelevant. Well that may be the case, legally. If this information has been suppressed then is it relevant? I would like it investigated and want to know it the information claimed is true. I believe an FBI investigation is warranted in many of the allegations that have been made.


Attorney Short’s conduct does meet the state standard for removal from elected office based on willful misconduct or maladministration in office. The alleged conduct does amount to a criminal law violation,

“the record does establish that Short was guilty of grave misconduct, demonstrated flagrant incompetence, or was otherwise unfit to perform his duties as county attorney.”

The record shows that Short acted with bad or evil purpose,

About Lee County Attorney Michael Short. - Google Slides