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& Actions

Cut to the Chase

with David Cutler

Inspiring your path

to Sales Success





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is an interactively supportive community of


Sales People at Agencies, Consultants, Advisors

~ ~ ~

Helping each other navigate their role in this new era of AI, Blockchain, and the more open, cooperative

mindsets & methods of Web3

We started with:

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is at:

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CONTENTS of these many slides about Creative Business Development:

  • Introduction
    • What is Creative Business Development?
    • The benefits of Creative Business Development
    • How David and his Partners help sales and marketing professionals
  • Sales Strategy & Tactics
    • Understanding your buyer persona
    • Developing a value proposition
    • Creating a sales pipeline
  • BizDev Track
    • Building relationships with key influencers
    • Creating thought leadership content
    • Networking and attending events
  • Generative AI Content Program
    • Using AI to generate personalized content
    • Distributing AI-generated content through social media and email
    • Measuring the ROI of your AI content program
  • Related Topics
    • Building a strong personal brand
    • Creating a content marketing strategy
    • Using social media for sales and marketing

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Your Simplest Flywheel


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Partnership management resonates deeply with the Web3 mindset. Just as businesses are moving towards ecosystems to serve customers and prospects, Web3 technology enables decentralized networks where multiple parties collaborate for mutual benefit. In Web3, smart contracts and blockchain ensure trust and transparency, much like the alignment you mention.

For Web3, the success isn't just one project; it's the collective growth of the entire ecosystem. Take DeFi as an example, where various projects interconnect and create value for all. The 'better together' concept is fundamental. Ecosystem growth depends on collaboration, not isolation.

Integrated SaaS solutions aligns with Web3's concept of 'composability.' When different dApps can seamlessly integrate, users have more reasons to stay and pay. It's a win-win.

The current call to move away from a narcissistic approach of business also resonates in the Web3 community, where decentralized, open-source, and community-driven projects prioritize value over profit.

Let's discuss how applying your Partnership models to Web3 methods will initiate a list of eager participants!

The Web3 “Co-Ownership Economy”

can be applied through Partnerships

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… and I am Everybody’s Friend:


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First Questions:

Why You? Why Now?

What Problems Do You Solve? Do you cause other problems?

Who Are You Talking To? Who Really Cares?

What Should They Do? Your Promise = Your Process

Their Other Options? (The other ROI is Risk Of Inactivity)

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I apply lessons learned

with some Great Brands

and their “Innovation Labs” ...

To the individual needs of:

  • Feisty Startups
  • Small Dynamos
  • Midsize Scalers
  • Corporate Testers

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For: B2B “Disruptors” … All of us.

Who Need A: 1:1 Coach for their P2P sellers and teams

Who Want To: Pump up salespeople to find and solve

the RIGHT client problems and close the RIGHT deals

Communication Strategy

& Sales Tactics


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  • Small profitable technology platform and services company
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Needs new client sales … and a validation of sales strategy and in-market tactics
  • Wants tactics tested and tweaked to set a predictable investment and growth plan

STEP ONE - Assess

Fee = $1,000


Get Started!

Support Sales

Understand Options

Understand Your Possibilities

STEP TWO - Playbook

Fee = $2,500


Product / Market Fit

Validate Promise

Build Prospects List

Deploy, Assess, Refine

Direct deals from “Beta Testers”


Fee = $7,500


Customize Collateral

Amplify Network

Expand With Next Salesperson

Partner Channels

Over 26 $500k deals in pipeline

Case Study - B2B SaaS

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Your Sweet Spot is how you provide the best value where others can’t

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Flip Your Content Funnel

Accommodate decision-makers at each step

of your buyer’s journey



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BizDev Track

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  • Review Client Goals and Content Strategy: We take a deep dive into how your Content Strategy currently operates to replicate and expand on it through AI.
  • Identify AI integration points: We look for places in your existing processes and tools to integrate AI functionality.
  • Prepare Generative AI Content Plan: We build out the content models, workflows, governance models, and toolkit for generative AI.
  • Build Prompt Library: We develop a library of prompts to be used across your organization for various content use cases.
  • Output QA: We run the prompts through a series of QA tests to ensure that content is always generated as expected.
  • Optimize Outputs: We improve prompts that do not pass our QA tests.
  • Knowledge Transfer: We deliver the prompts and training on how to use the new content systems.
  • Maintenance: We update and optimize prompts as generative AI tools update and emerge


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Community Growth

Incentives to Share

Co-Earned Experiences


Exclusive Access

& Rewards


Personalized Journeys

Power of Platforms and Passports!




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Share Our Experiences

Be Found

Be Real


Commit To Marketing

Communicate to the right prospects

with the right message

at the right time

Encourage Team Participation

Take Actions

Discuss Reactions & Iterate

Discover Opportunities & Optimize



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Product Terms






- Platform Functions

- Services Management

UVP - SSS - P/M Fit

Wheel of Focus

1) Decide - Inner

2) Define - Outer

Research for priorities & Who Really Cares?

Current models that can leverage our UVP

Where we can be a competitive advantage


Test Deal

License Fee

Revenue-Share Brackets

ROI Assessment

Content Strategy & POE Actions

Multimedia Hooks & Be Found

Outbound - ABM Sales

Inbound - Content Machine

Our CRM to assess and optimise

Target Personas

Direct = CMO, CEO, CTO

Indirect = CTO, Product, CMO

Problems We Solve



Acquisition / Retention



Onboarding Their:

Customer Marketing

Performance Partners

Implementation Process & Promise

Business Models

Test Scenarios


Other Services

1st - Choose a Sector For:

2nd Pass - for

the Message

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Product Terms

Not: Blockchain,






Our Capabilities

- Platform Functions

- Services Management

UVP - SSS - P/M Fit

Digital Passports

Loyalty Engines

Liquidity characteristics

Assets with Programmed superpowers

Cooperative Business Models

Performance Partnerships

Research for priorities & Who Really Cares?

Current models that can leverage our UVP

Where we can be a competitive advantage

Multi-Functional Assets

Passport Journeys

Unlock Benefits

More accurate reengagement

ID Authorized Ownership/Access

Community Co-Earning

Speed to Revenue


Test Deal

License Fee

Revenue-Share Brackets

ROI Assessment

Content Strategy & POE Actions

Multimedia Hooks & Be Found

Outbound - ABM Sales

Inbound - Content Machine

Our CRM to assess and optimise

Target Personas

Direct = CMO, CEO, CTO

Indirect = CTO, Product, CMO

Problems We Solve



Acquisition / Retention



Onboarding Their:

Customer Marketing

Performance Partners

Implementation Process & Promise

Business Models

Test Scenarios


Other Services

1st - Choose a Sector For:

2nd Pass - for

the Message

Vestibulum congue

Vestibulum congue

Vestibulum congue








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3 x 3 Summary of Our Sales & Marketing

  • Sales Prospect Priorities - to focus our sales message to match our capabilities and our vision/mission/direction
    • Indirect - Partner with Hospitality Infrastructure - POS, Loyalty Services, …
    • Direct - Hotels, Food, Beverage, Destinations
    • Their Momentum Makers - Training and inspiration for our prospect’s salespeople https://bit.ly/Web3_CBD

  • Marketing Content - Be Leaders … Share our POV… Reveal Insight Hooks … Be Found
    • Targets - ICP? Who cares about our UVP (cooperative liquidity)? - Affinity Groups …?
    • Topics - So we can prioritize and design our reputation narrative with consistent ongoing public assets
      • Use-Cases and Testimonials - Short memorable stories of personal triumph
      • Video Demos with: Client UX, Customer CX, Ecosystem EX
    • Content for your “Channels” - Formats & Production plan
      • Blog, Socials, Podcast Zoom/YouTube Gallery, YouTube Podcast, …
      • Events - Workshops, Hackathons, …

  • Brand Positioning - Name your “Category of One” (what do we offer that nobody else can?)
    • Why You? Why now? - What problems you solve?
    • What are Blockchain’s unique functions we enable you to: deploy, test, optimize?
    • What we deliver and how we integrate - Our Promise and our Process

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Focus by answering these questions specifically for each of our target market sectors: Lodging, Food, Destination...

  • Who are we talking to? Define our ICP Ideal Customer Profiles ... Clarify Personas (Robbie) (Joe, Jenny, Nigel)
    • What are their priorities?
    • Which markets, companies, title/roles, personal/cultural match? - Who will most value our unique capabilities?

  • What do we deliver? What. How. Why.
    • What problems do we help them solve? (Next slide) - good old Product/Market Fit
    • Outcomes, results

  • What is our brand’s SINGLE SENTENCE OR PARAGRAPH Strategic Sweet Spot?
    • Unique Value Proposition compared to their alternatives - Now?... 6 months? … 2 years?
    • The goal is to name our own “Category of One”

  • What do we want them to do?
    • Initial actions, steps - MANAGE THEIR EXPECTATIONS - requirements, recommendations
    • Process for implementation, augmentation

  • How will we be found: How will we reach them? How do they find us?
    • Outbound content - site, Socials, Sales - hooks, insights, news, offers, invitations to learn more
      • Product Demos
      • Use-Case “Stories”
      • Interviews - to share the process of mutual understanding… It is a journey!
    • Inbound content - designed and distributed with CTAs (Calls To Action) for SEO and Social
      • Articles, presentations, events, workshops, ?

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(Cool Uncle)



& Actions

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DavidCutler.net - Inform & Connect


Business Development



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My compulsion and promise

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The latest market


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BANT Rant who really cares?

Sales Actions / Reactions Start!

Riff Report jam on connections & your Customer Discovery

DOD set times for your own disruptive Disruption On Demand

Slideas custom options across target campaign ideas

Product / Market Fit For Your Sweet Spot

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Top 5 AI Use Cases Among Marketers:

  • Drive next best actions
  • Personalize the overall

customer journey

  • Automate customer interactions
  • Personalize individual

channel experiences

  • Process automation

What’s on the Mind of Marketers…



“High Performer” Marketers

are more likely to create

more relevant experiences

with customer data.

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One cluster at a time

Across Network Effects

Hire us for X

Keep us for A-Z










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We turned it on

You can turn it up





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Get even MORE real.

Do you want to …

make better content,

grow your following,

find a dream job,

& be happier


One word: IKIGAI…

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Truth Refinery for

Web3 Solutions

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Encourage Their Passions

Empower Their Participation

Enable Their Value-Sharing

Very Web3

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Experiential Marketing

Evolves With NFTs

Into Web3 Loyalty

This Presentation by David Cutler is at:


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The inspiration for this presentation began a few weeks before at

the Rhode Island Startup Week Session on Web3

Feel free to read this coverage at


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The Innovation

Intersection Between

Startups & Corporations

Nov 3, 2022

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Goals &


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Here is more prep for when we discuss your Web3 options…

  • The value of NFTs around community participation and good old-fashioned customer success:


  • How NFTs are relevant to marketers and business developers (beyond investors or techies):


  • The 7 integrated elements of your go to market(place):


The NFT enabled Content and Customer Management Marketplace Platform - www.NuArcaLabs.com

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The David Cutler Network




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There’s Always More

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During constant change,

With our mutual commitment to being fair, open and curious, we are the right people to

figure it out together.

No surprises… unless they are new opportunities (see DAO)

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See more of my hands-on discovery and sharing of what works … and doesn’t

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The key to building products is customer success. Provide any level of value so you better understand them. Learn by observing, asking, and collecting data. Then iterate functions towards your best customers.

Focus on the critical functions of a Minimum Viable Product with Product / Market Fit.

Innovating Towards Value at Each Step

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Your Best Sales Process Starts Simple...

Direct Actions Get Results & Inspire Reactions, Conversations, Ideas!

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  • Anticipating the Customer's Tomorrow
  • Collaborating Inside and Out
  • Leveraging Digital and Virtual Channels
  • Ability to Get Power from Data
  • Capacity to Adapt
  • Reaches Decision Makers - you can have all five of the skills listed in the hbr.com article but if a salesperson can't reach and meet with the decision maker, the skills listed above and below cannot be leveraged. Salespeople who reach decision makers are 341% more likely to close the business.
  • Consultative Seller - Salespeople must uniquely differentiate themselves and provide the prospect with an ideal solution that is both cost and needs appropriate. The best way to do that is with a consultative approach based on excellent listening and questioning skills, attributes of the Consultative Seller competency at which only 11% of all salespeople are strong
  • Value Selling - The ability to sell at a profitable margin is very important to most companies. Selling Value is the skill that drives profit but it requires a set of beliefs, strategies and tactics to support the effort. Simply spouting off a company's value proposition will not get the job done. Only 31% of all salespeople have Selling Value as a strength.
  • Qualifying - The win rate is driven by a salesperson's ability to thoroughly qualify an opportunity and there is a direct correlation between unqualified and lost, and fully qualified and won. Only 21% of all salespeople have the Qualifying Competency as a strength.
  • Sales Process - A custom staged, milestone-centric, customer-focused sales process will support and enhance a salesperson's ability to use a consultative approach, sell value and thoroughly qualify a decision maker's ability to buy. Only 34% of all salespeople have Sales Process as a strength.

Sales Skills =

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7 Sales Prospect Criteria (Question: How can we tell if they are a sure thing? … Mindset & Models

The goal of sales is to validate NFT use-cases and models for the prospect’s opportunity for: 1) Revenue 2) Demo of our capabilities 3) Exposure

GOAL: They are curious to explore solutions AND will commit resources… We want ACTIVE USERS FOR REVENUE & TO TELL OUR STORIES

  • Sports, Entertainment, Hospitality … Experiential Loyalty
    • Do you support any revenue-sharing business models with sales channel partners or with customers?
  • Audience size
  • Understanding level of Blockchain? Are they looking for NFT Management solutions?
    • What types? Ecosystem priorities? Use cases?
      • Public NFT Marketplaces, Custom tech developers, …?
  • Timing
  • Priority goals / What problems are they trying to solve?
    • Revenue
      • Sponsors
      • Customers
      • Partner Vendors
    • Customer engagement
      • Audience growth - time expectations (i.e: when they need income payback)
  • Decision criteria priorities
      • Total potential revenue
      • Minimum resources
        • Budget
        • People
        • time
  • Decision process - Complexity, Decision owner? Influencers,Timing/Cycles, track record (”baggage”), culture of innovation?
    • ROI - Quick wins required or understand the investment value of longer term Network Effects
      • “How quickly do you and your team need to see results?”
    • Their existing and potential to add:
      • Mechanisms to assess, validate (benchmarks)
      • Methods for internal communication methods, authority support, influencers
    • Our ability to directly help them engage and manage their ecosystem … and indirectly through other list of “Preferred Partners”
      • Mechanisms to assess, validate (benchmarks)
      • Methods for internal communication methods, authority support, influencers

Next Steps:

  • Preferred deal structure
    • Revenue Share split
      • “Margin Split”
    • Advance Guarantee
    • Setup Fees
    • Shared Benefit
  • Dig into their Problems … and options
    • Is doing nothing an option?
    • Internal capabilities? Augment/Support
    • Competitive differentiation
  • Objections? Issues?

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Alan re-focusing Sales & Marketing on the (now attainable) big picture.

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Matchmaking “Agency”

Artists < > Brands

Web3 Mindset = Transparent = ID, Content, Revenue-Partnerships

Acknowledging how business goals intersect with real feelings

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Where Learners Learn






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Creator Economy < > Platform Economy

Experience < > Value

Your own branded online Portal and Marketplace

Easily manage activities and revenue opportunities around NFTs - buying, selling, sharing, Quests, unlocking VIP access to "meet and greets," discounts, physical merchandise, earning loyalty points ... Anything.

"Experience Management" integrating with your existing marketing campaigns.

Now your best assets are NFTs and have the superpowers of digitally programmed functions

AUTOMATE interactions… permissions, eCommerce, Membership services, upgrades, adding loyalty points, fulfillment, distribution, and promotions...

No procedures. No barriers. No waiting.

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  • Live access fees
  • Merchandise/Products/Services
  • Freemium content
  • Content Creator Support
  • On-demand fees
  • Sponsored Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Micro-Payments for Micro-Events
  • Play/Participate to earn Gamification
  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Paywalls
  • Meme and Movement Crowdfunding
  • Donations and Cause Marketing
  • Persona Packages
  • Course Curriculum
  • Distribution Partner management
  • Reseller Channel Co-Promotion
  • Lead fees
  • NFT sales and reselling

And… Integrating all of the above:

  • Revenue-sharing from buying/selling NFTs

for fractional ownership and earning access to

VIP experiences and community participation activities

(Those last two are unique functions of the engagement capabilities with the NuArca Labs Blockchain NFT management platform)

Accommodate your ecosystem in a single

Marketplace with dynamic combinations of:

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Business Development


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1. Reciprocity: We are obliged to give if we have been given something

2. Scarcity: If it's scarce, we want it more. Use this by highlighting the Benefits, Uniqueness and Possible Loss

3. Authority: We are more likely to comply with a request if it is coming from a perceived authority/expert

4. Consistency: We want to be consistent with our past commitments, even if the initial commitment is much smaller

5. Liking: We like people who are similar, who give us compliments and who cooperate with us

6. Consensus: If others (especially similar others) are doing it, then we are more likely to do it ourselves

Six Principles of Persuasion


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5 benefits from Hiring a Partner

with an external perspective

(and not years of experience in your specific business)

  • Some of the best ideas are an industry away
  • Persuasion is in human nature… not in a vertical market
  • New opportunities are seen beyond your internal methods, customs, habits, and all too often, “sacred cows”
  • Diversity of thought and capabilities - uncertain market shifts require diverse methods to overcome distractions and delays
  • Add Tech to Sales - Understanding tech disruption lets us assess your market advantage and vulnerabilities

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Structure of our working together

Internal - Keep us on the same page ... Next steps ... No surprises

  • GDoc Master - Ongoing “Notes” with priorities, shared links, ranked discussions
  • Gsheet Sandbox - Internal slides of ideas, infographics, visuals, videos, ...
    • Do you have Testimonials?

External - Collateral to impress and test - Expose the steps ... Build trust ... No surprises

Consistent narratives that demonstrate your specific value, benefits, and being easy to work with

  • Emails, scripts, referrals - be helpful and shareable… your best infographic?

Demonstrate you understand THEIR situation, needs, process, etc.

  • Site with Landing pages for campaigns, custom ideas, tests

Example: Toolkit Page with all links for the buyer’s journey

  • Vertical niche versions of your 1-page overview
  • Deck with custom personalized first slide
  • Strategy and tactics for follow-up on promises and their expectations

Details at bit.ly/Structure_of_Engagement_Cutler

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Refine Labs - Website Content vs. Dark Social Content


DO NOT combine all your sources as the same intent

Seperate plan, content, expectations

Leads Sources vs

Qualified opportunity win rates:

50 Employee Referral

41 Website demo request

21 Show badge scan

19 Field Market event

13 Gift card incentive

8 Affiliate Referral

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Is There a Disconnect between your Sales and your Buyers?

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Ask Them!

Match your selling process and metric goals to

prospect’s overall process, research needs,

and official/unofficial buying journey

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12 Ps of Product and Profit

  • Products… Priority Projects
  • Packages... Focused and aligned messaging
  • Process … Steps for each of the Priorities
  • Prospect ... Goals and alternatives
  • Promise ... Pitch... Conversation... User Experience ...
  • Position ... Differentiate versus alternatives… Competitive Analysis
  • Platform Performance … Automated
  • People ... Customer Service and systems for Customer Success
  • Place ... Presence ... Omnichannel Journeys for each of the Priorities
  • Promotion … Exposure options… Test creative conversations
  • Partners ... Ecosystem... Channel Resellers ... Referrals
  • Price ... New Methods inspire New Models

Track KPIs that actually match buyer journey

- ROI by channel

- Deeper account-based marketing metrics

- ROI by content influence

- Lifetime Value of a customer (LTV)

- Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

- Closed-won deal analysis

Obsess on Customer Success

Demonstrate Insights with Testimonials

Data Gems

Disclose to differentiate

Creative Business Development:

The product is your marketing

Product development = marcom budget


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  • Match your value proposition throughout your buyer’s journey

Acknowledge their process and options beyond you (they are!)

  • Earn trust by supporting their existing capabilities

Solve problems and fill gaps

  • Discuss new opportunities from changes in business and society

internal, customer expectations, competitors, etc.

  • Connect with adjacent influencers for buy-in and cross-selling

Deliver market insights and adjacent tech disruptions

4 Steps of Sales Success


Thinking Beyond Sales

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Business Models from all combinations of:

  • E-Commerce Storefront
  • Live content ticket sales
  • Freemium content with upsell
  • On-demand payment
  • Fees for custom distribution tools
  • Distribution Partner management
  • Lead Generation fees
  • Outbound human Sales w/ ABM
  • Inbound "Demand Generation"
  • Call Center... more humans
  • Sponsored Promotions
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Social Network sales tools
  • Participate to Earn (P2E) Gamification
  • Community Management Services
  • Member Subscriptions for Access
  • Paywalls and VIP Levels
  • Custom Research and Consultation
  • Course Curriculum and Training
  • Meme and Movement Crowdfunding
  • Donations and Cause Marketing

And… Integrating all of the above ...

22. NFT Buying/Reselling/Renting/Showing

23. The Co-Ownership Economy... a definition:

(That last one is reference to the “velocity of Trust” capabilities of t

Example of Models: Conferences

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10 Prep Questions to help define priorities on our path to profit

  • How do you contribute to your client’s goals? (Collateral to define this)
  • Describe your BEST prospects - industry, size, revenue, budgets, brands, etc?
  • What are your sales goals?
  • How are you earning the right to … get to the next: topic, meeting, whatever
  • Do you have well-defined core Sales and Marketing systems?
  • How are you discovering and accommodating New Methods and New Models?
  • Who is selling for you now?
  • Creative Business Development hooks? Aligning with Marketing & Demand Gen?
  • Got Gaps? How can I add value to your sales people?
  • If you had a magic wand… What is the best next step?

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DETAILS: 10 Prep Questions to help define priorities on our path to sales success

  • How do you contribute to your client’s goals?
    • What is your Unique Value Proposition to THEIR needs and problems?
      • What is your Competitive Strategic Sweet Spot?
    • How do you describe/define? Infographic? Including their holistic POV?
  • Describe your BEST prospects - industry, size, revenue, budgets, brands, etc?
    • How do you find, engage, and qualify prospects?
    • Do you understand their un/official research and buying journey
      • Do your KPIs match these
    • What are their options for what you provide? (versus? Do nothing = X)
    • How are they taking advantage their Industry’s shifts and opportunities?
    • How do you discover the multiple personas in their buying process?
      • Do you know each Persona’s BANT?
  • What are your sales goals?
    • Short-term and long-term revenue expectations
    • Cost of sales
    • Capabilities… How much can you handle now? Later?
  • How are you earning the right to:
    • get a meeting? get the next meeting?
    • dig inside their official and unofficial buying processes?
    • share their personal long-term agenda?
  • Do you have well-defined core Sales and Marketing systems?
    • Interrelation of: Product, Price, Prospects (Personas), Promise, Process
    • Materials - collateral, presence, testimonials, …
  • How are you discovering and accommodating New Methods and New Models?
    • “Disruption on Demand” sessions to consider and test opportunities

7. Who is selling for you now?

  • Quotas? Size of deals?
  • Lead metrics for Inbound / Outbound
  • Process for prospecting, promising, pushing?
  • Leveraging feedback signals from actions / reactions?
  • What do they bring? What do they need?

8 . Creative Business Development hooks with Marketing?

  • Acquisition - Your metrics for both Inbound Demand Gen and Outbounding engagement (AIDA)
  • Retention - How do you focus on customer success, loyalty, cross-selling…?
  • Referral process?

9. Got Gaps? How can I add value to your sales people?

  • Sales push
  • Assessment sessions
  • Building teams
  • Coaching on Demand

10. If you had a magic wand…?

What do you want prospects

to do next?... and then?

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Webinar Insights … Have them Friday Mornings


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Why David?

… Speed of change

Catching up, keeping up, staying ahead …

… FYI, blockchain delivers Velocity of Trust

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Buyers Rely on Specific Media at Specific Phases

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Buyers Rely on Specific Media at Specific Phases...? NO, it’s complicated

Support Buyer’s Own Research

& Their Path

of Understanding

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Gartner B2B Buying Cycle … It’s Complicated…



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Gartner B2B Buying Cycle


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Organization Maturity Assessment” (CHROMA) https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13132-022-00917-y

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Tools, & Techniques

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Two Slides on



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What Used to Convert…. Now Real relationships and Referrals are more important than ever

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Referral Thinking = Actions/Reactions

Align with their network

Make their business your business

1) Take Action - you are a referral-based business … Earn it

  • Demonstrate by making referrals for them - Reciprocity = Netweaving

2) Ask - Be specific - The right stories at the right time

  • After something good you did (“who else would appreciate this?”)
  • After something good they did (connect to their story and amplify it)

3) Feed the Beasts - Help them do THEIR job by promoting any results

  • Analyze and reveal new helpful industry insights and data gems
  • Deliver multimedia assets with “handles” for easy participation
  • Written so they can easily share and take credit for pride and profit!

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Story / Promise / Deck

Rishad Recommends

These 9 slides >>>

Or Elon’s (in the next slide)

5 Steps to a Perfect Presentation:

  • Name the enemy
  • Why now? (for your solution)
  • Show the promised land (before explaining how you will get there)
  • Identify obstacles and how to overcome
  • Show evidence

See Infographic Examples at:


FYI - this slide: http://bit.ly/Cutler_YourStorySlides

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You Best Presentation’s 5 Steps:

Name the enemy: This step is about identifying the problem or challenge that your product or service aims to solve. It's very relevant because in B2B sales, it's crucial to clearly define the pain points or challenges your potential clients are facing. By naming the "enemy," you create a shared understanding of the problem, making it easier to present your solution.

Why now? (for your solution): Timing is critical in sales and marketing. Understanding why your solution is needed now can help create a sense of urgency. With the rapidly evolving business landscape and technology, this step is even more important today. Explain why your solution is timely and relevant.

Show the promised land: Before diving into the details of your solution, it's essential to paint a vivid picture of the positive outcomes and benefits your clients will experience. This is a powerful technique in sales and marketing, as it helps your audience envision a better future, making them more receptive to your message.

Identify obstacles and how to overcome: Recognizing potential objections and challenges that your audience might have is a cornerstone of effective persuasion. Providing solutions to these obstacles demonstrates that you've thought ahead and can address concerns. This step is incredibly relevant, especially in B2B sales, where clients often have specific concerns or objections.

Tell the truth, show evidence: Honesty and credibility are paramount in any presentation. Providing evidence, whether it's case studies, testimonials, or data, reinforces the trustworthiness of your message. In today's information age, transparency and evidence-based claims are even more critical as clients have access to vast amounts of information. Blockchain can provide transparency and evidence through immutable records

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David Cutler (partner with altexsoft) - www.DavidCutler.net david@davidcutler.net 617-331-7852

Who are your suppliers, partners,

strategic alliances?

What are your and their motivations for

the partnership?

What resources do you receive from


What activities do you perform to build your product? What every-day activities do you do to solve problems?

What value are you bringing to your customers? What’s unique about your product? What are the different values you bring to different customer segments?

To what extent do you deliver customer care (personal assistance or self-service)? What channels for customer communication do you have?

Who is your customer? What are their problems? What’s their age, location, job? What competitor product are they using?

What physical, human, and financial resources does your business need? What assets do you need to produce and deliver your product? What resources to perform key activities and use channels?

How do you let your future customers know about your product? How do you make your product reach your customers? Which supply channels are you using? What communication channels are you using?

How is your business monetized?

What revenue models are you using?

What is the pricing strategy?

What payment channels are you using?

What costs do you have to cover to create and deliver your product? How much of your cost structure is allocated for development, marketing, and the staff?

Business Model Canvas

Designed for:

Designed by:



Key Partners

Cost Structure

Key Activities

Key Resources

Value Propositions

Customer Relationships


Customer Segments

Revenue Streams

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Your Milestones of Value and Momentum

1. Mission

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nibh est. A magna maecenas, quam magna nec quis, lorem nunc. Suspendisse viverra sodales mauris, cras pharetra proin egestas arcu erat dolor, at amet.

4. Momentum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nibh est. A magna maecenas, quam magna nec quis, lorem nunc. Suspendisse viverra sodales mauris, cras pharetra proin egestas arcu erat dolor, at amet.

2. Market Needs

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nibh est. A magna maecenas, quam magna nec quis, lorem nunc. Suspendisse viverra sodales mauris, cras pharetra proin egestas arcu erat dolor, at amet.

5. Mutual Participation

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nibh est. A magna maecenas, quam magna nec quis, lorem nunc. Suspendisse viverra sodales mauris, cras pharetra proin egestas arcu erat dolor, at amet.

3. Partners

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nibh est. A magna maecenas, quam magna nec quis, lorem nunc. Suspendisse viverra sodales mauris, cras pharetra proin egestas arcu erat dolor, at amet.

6. Ensure Success!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nibh est. A magna maecenas, quam magna nec quis, lorem nunc. Suspendisse viverra sodales mauris, cras pharetra proin egestas arcu erat dolor, at amet.

David Cutler Network - www.DavidCutler.net david@davidcutler.net 617-331-7852

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How can we use the Rudolph Framework as a foundation for our copywriting?

  • Once upon a time, there was Rudolph.
  • He has the capacity to light up a room.
  • Some people doubt it because he's not like the others.
  • But one day, there's a terrible storm.
  • Which means Santa needs him.
  • To help the kids believe in the magic of Christmas.
  • And that matters because Christmas would otherwise be canceled.
  • Which brings together a community of misfits and North Pole elves.
  • Someone gets a kiss.

  • Once upon a time, there was ________________________________� (your product)
  • It has the capacity to ________________________________

(your product's superpower)

  • Some people doubt it because ________________________________

(what detractors claim)�

  • But one day, ________________________________

(why now?)�

  • Which means ________________________________� (people now urgently need this)
  • To help ________________________________

(whom does your customer serve?)

  • And that matters because ________________________________

(how your customer becomes the hero)

  • Which brings together ________________________________

(the larger market you serve)�

  • Someone gets a kiss.

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REFERENCE: 2021 NuArca Brand - To become a category of one is to build credibility as an authentic brand that we demonstrate in everything

(We need to choose a consistent message “personality” (Continue these points in our Marcom Playbook)

NOW - NuArca Labs is a leader in delivering the most secure, dynamic and scalable NFT marketplace solutions for musicians, artists, and athletes … NFT's made for fans

Problem we solve: Losing Fans and revenue by not safely delivering the individual and community experiences they expect and dream about… such as the ability to build a digital demonstration of their loyalty and earning direct access to their heroes

FOR: Orgs that compete to impress real everyday fluid fans (not only investors/techies)

That want a scalable solution that delivers brand control, monetization options, while being secure and regulatory compliant

WeSay: “Demonstrate your commitment to Web3 solutions by DELIVERING quantifiable value to fan’s feelings and financials”

Our Why = Our “Internal Purpose” is what our clients will experience, understand, admire, share, and buy (See Hubspot’s)

Society needs:

  • Heroes to inspire our pride
  • Real people that are worthy recipients for our commitment to loyalty

Fan aspirations and access to their heroes and celebrities.

  • Community expression of our passions, obsessions, self-actualization

Enhance their own personal brand value with association to winners

Now we tell our story: Name the enemy

Why now? (for your solution)

Show the promised land (before explaining how you will get there)

Identify obstacles and how to overcome

Show evidence

We win if we make it easy for our clients to manage complex marketing technologies and increase REVENUE. While simplifying the fan experience

“Enterprise Blockchain” Reality Check:

NuArca is an enterprise-grade NFT enabled customer success Platform with services for Web3 content distribution and ownership

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Insights into your Social Marketing Machine…

111 of 178

1) A quick and partially reliable way to see if someone shares original thoughts

instead of only reposting others (so they may be more likely to consider and

champion your new ideas)... is to check their Linkedin Activity tabs, such as “Posts”

2) For your fans, make your content shareable on a “Current Actions” page ...a web page updated for everyone in your community to easily share your latest content - text, links, hashtags, and images. For Twitter, shoot for 120 characters to allow room for customization. Also share the day. Here is an example with an image (always use one):

Save the date for #IoT reality-check at #MIT for #ConnectedThings2021 - Mon April 9, 2022

#MITEF >> http://connectedthings.mitforumcambridge.org

3) Always use your blinker.


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Is it hard to get into decision-makers?

Of course it is… so it is smart to remember that they are busy getting stuff done.

Learn more about what they are doing and where you fit in.

Come up with insights and even recommendations that demonstrate you care and how your company intersects with partners.

They should FEEL a culture match. That you would fit in.

Be easy to work with. Not pushy and desperate. ONLY be helpful. (like you are way down the hall)

Don’t give them homework

Your insights can earn their interest … and desire to hear your deeper questions

On Getting Inside

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So, you want to grow your business with Search and Social advertising...

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End Point Acquisition Goals

What happens from Top of Funnel to Product

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Always Be Curious

128 of 178

Ideas ...

Inspiration, Challenges

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Join us as we engage the integrated culture of activity, play, and work.

At your destination, we unite this exceptional community

of aspiring entrepreneurs, tech hackers, and business mentors

to share, learn & collaborate with proven methods of match-making for results.

At All The Smartest Destinations

Confidential and Proprietary Information

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At all the smartest Destinations

Confidential and Proprietary Information

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Business Development

Read a post on creativity applied to new methods and new models

around Blockchain’s NFTs:


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Read the next 3 slides because

The stuff that works is not measurable at first

The stuff that doesn't work is easily measurable

Do More

Of The

Right Stuff.

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Per Chris Walker - Refine Labs Here are the 6 most common places B2B Marketing budgets are wasted:

1. Google Ads - by far the most money gets wasted here. It’s a mess.

2. Trade show booths or conference sponsorships

3. Gated content syndication (to pay $50 for an email address that you could get on ZoomInfo for 75 cents)

4. LinkedIn lead gen (to hit vanity “lead” or “pipeline” metrics that never become customers)

5. Excessive headcount to support low ROI programs (those programs should just get turned off)

6. Excessive investment in Marketing technology (when the real solution is doing basic marketing fundamentals)


Tons of marketing teams come to me and say “We need more budget”.

But here’s the truth:

You don’t need more budget. You need to make your existing budget drive significantly better ROI.

And the way you make your existing budget drive significantly better ROI is by scrutinizing all of your marketing budget & programs and making choices about what not to do.

Most B2B companies refuse to make these choices, so they end up doing a bunch of marketing programs in a mediocre way and get below average results. They spread out budget & resources & focus.

Scrutinize all those line items in a high growth SaaS company, and viola, you have millions of dollars of budget that can be redeployed to things that work WAY better:

1. Build the leading podcast for your industry or target buyer

2. Execute weekly content-driven events to create demand & fuel a social content engine

3. Hire a CFO to work on your Marketing team to be the host of your podcast & leader of your community for Finance professionals because your actual CFO is “too busy” (aka isn’t prioritizing it)

4. Execute proper Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads that actually drive demand for your category, brand, and product (instead of collecting “leads” that never close)

5. Build a community for your target audience that delivers enormous value in terms of professional development, peer support, content and professional advancement.

^^these are all things B2B companies don’t do right now because “we don’t have any budget”.

Instead they spend all their program budget on outdated tactics that pump up vanity metrics & drive awful ROI.

And for some reason they never actually measure the ROI of those activities.

#marketing #b2b #demandgen

p.s. If the Marketing was actually working, it should be super easy to get additional budget in a high growth company. Put together a business case & show how additional budget will fuel at least 3-5x qualified pipeline or 1x revenue for every dollar spent.

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Per Chris Walker - Refine Labs Here's how to Build a B2B Brand:

1. Open Up an Ongoing Stream on Customer Insights that your competitors never see

Build a recurring community event where you offer free consulting to your target customers. All of the questions & data you get from this are pure consumer insights.

Identify the social networks, groups, and communities where your customers spend their time.

Don’t make assumptions!

Figure out how to be a part of those communities. Act like a peer, not a vendor.

If you approach this with the right mindset, you now have an ongoing stream of market insights every single day that your competitors never see (because they aren’t looking).

2. Build a Native Content Strategy Optimized for Dark Social

You need a completely different content strategy for dark social than you do for SEO. That’s why most companies fail at social. Because they try to copy & paste their Google search strategy into LinkedIn (and it, obviously, fails).

The difference is on Google someone searches for something and then you give it to them (they have intent to find that information).

That’s not how it works on social - there is no intent. Which forces you to create content that people actually want.

Your content needs to be so much more relevant. So much more expertise-driven. So much more customer-centric. Build your team & allocate resources accordingly.

3. Identify the Dark Social channels for initial distribution.

We initially distribute content on LinkedIn, Podcast & YouTube. We get a lot of consumption directly on those platforms.

Then there is secondary & tertiary distribution where people share the content & ideas in Slack channels, DMs, text messages, direct word of mouth, Facebook groups, LinkedIn shares, the list goes on and on.

There’s no tracking so companies don’t even realize it’s happening.

4. Strategize, Produce, Distribute, Analyze, Repeat

Build an agile loop to consistently produce & distribute content. Listen to audience feedback. Engage in the comments. Look for qualitative insights about where they’re sharing it.

The data here is mainly qualitative and not reflected in attribution software so most marketers don’t know what to do.


And that’s how you build a B2B brand in 2021. It’s really that simple.

If you’re a B2B company, your objective should be that everyone in the market LOVES us.

Not just the people that use your product.

And they love you because:

1. We go into things with the right mindset

2. We have a progressive, modern strategy for marketing & interacting with our customers & the market

3. We produce the best information on the internet for our buyers & we distribute it *natively* in the channels where they actually pay attention

4. We don’t spam people with sales-focused messaging all the time trying to shove them into meetings when they hate it

#marketing #b2b

p.s. In 2011, brand was built with trade show booths & banner ads & SEO. But that was a decade ago and a lot has changed since then

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Per Chris Walker - Refine Labs - Here are 6 pillars to build your word of mouth strategy:

1. Product / Customer Success

Having strong-fit customers that love your product & want to tell other people about it is step 1. This one is obvious & most companies recognize it’s importance.

2. Content

I don’t think most people really understand how much content can be shared over the internet as a form of word-of-mouth.

To execute this effectively, you need (1) A content strategy your buyers love, (2) A distribution strategy that effectively reaches those people, ideally in channels with high organic reach, (3) Consistent execution for a sustained period of time. Most companies miss on 1, if not all 3, of these.

3. Events

Create an EXPERIENCE that people love & want to talk about. Most companies approach events to get “leads”. And if they changed their mindset around its purpose - to create an experience people love - they'd probably create a fundamentally different event.

It’s not about just doing events, it’s about HOW you do them.

4. Community

Whether you own the community or your participating in other communities, both can work, but OWNED is certainly more advantageous long-term. This is about being active in your buyers World, engaging like a human, building relationships & helping people in real-time.

Companies struggle with this because their metrics, attribution, and incentive structures are often in direct conflict with the behaviors required to build a community people love.

There's a MASSIVE opportunity for the few that bring the right mindset & execute properly on this one.

5. VIP Customer Evangelist Program

Identify your top customers who love your product & are evangelizing it in the market. Then building an awesome VIP program for them to continue to fuel that.

Some ideas: All expenses paid trip where they get to learn & network with their peers. Access to beta features. Limited edition swag. Participation in content/events. There are a million things you could do for this. Reverse-engineer what those people want & then deliver it to them.

6. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) // Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not new. Tobacco companies sponsored movie stars in the 1930s. Nike sponsored Michael Jordan in 1985. I partnered with top Emergency physicians in 2017 to have them speak at conferences about how they use our product to get better results for their patients.

There are a ton of ways to do this in an authentic way to drive awareness of your brand/product/category & word-of-mouth.

#marketing #b2b #demandgen

p.s. You may look at these tactics & say “we’re doing all of these”. A lot of companies do events, but not many do them like us. A lot of companies do content marketing, but not many do them like us. It’s not about what tactics, it’s about HOW you do them.

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The Twelve Traits of a Good Marketer (in no particular order) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/cassidyshield/

  • Good marketers make it their job to know the market, the competition, and the company’s products better than anyone else - and they share their knowledge with other stakeholders at the company. Bad marketers don’t know the product thoroughly and don’t stay up-to-date with the market landscape.
  • Good marketers measure themselves on revenue generated. Bad marketers measure themselves on leads generated or traffic generated.
  • Good marketers feel ownership of the go-to-market process end-to-end. Bad marketers blame the product or the sales team for lack of success.
  • Good marketers define and articulate a strong and unique position for their company, division, and products. Good marketers use easy-to-understand and straightforward language as if you were talking to a friend. Bad marketers don’t think about positioning or hide behind marketing jargon to define their products.
  • Good marketers understand that their company’s brand encompasses all materials, people, and external-facing processes - and are fierce about ensuring that the brand stays consistent across all of the above. Bad marketers allow off-brand activities ‘just this once.’
  • Good marketers are relationship builders who get out and meet customers, prospects, and peers. Bad marketers only talk to people that work at their company.
  • Good marketers run integrated programs and seek to reuse and redistribute assets as much as possible. Bad marketers run one-off campaigns that aren’t well thought out.
  • Good marketers experiment and frequently ship while maintaining an extremely high quality of work. Bad marketers create and ship long, drawn own programs that may or may not work.
  • Good marketers use data to drive decision making up to a point where experience and intuition take over. Bad marketers rely on gut feel alone.
  • Good marketers hustle and are curious, gritty, fearless. They are the team that should push the company to be uncomfortable. Bad marketers play it safe.
  • Good marketers are proactive. They get in front of the market, your prospects, and customers. Bad marketers wait until someone raises their hand.
  • Good marketers question the status quo. They continually ask if they are doing the right tasks the right way, and then modify if needed. Bad marketers do things ‘because we always do it this way’ or to get it done.

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Powerful Infographics.

More inspiration at http://bit.ly/YourStoryMap

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The key to building products is customer success. Provide any level of value so you better understand them. Learn by observing, asking, and collecting data. Then iterate functions towards your best customers.

Focus on the critical functions of a Minimum Viable Product with Product / Market Fit.

Innovating Towards Value at Each Step

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What is your QUALIFYING criteria for individual sales prospects?

Who should you be talking to?

Who are THEY talking to?


That’s fun to say… but the truth is the reverse:

  • What is THEIR Timing
  • Do they REALLY Need you?
  • Who has the Authority to approve?
  • Then you can get creative with their Budget

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don’t think too much… click it

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The Step Back - ABI aspires to engage and leverage partners and employees but existing methods were inefficient and uninspiring

Bold Leap Forward - Idea scouting in a single custom dashboard of normalized feeds with dynamic ranking tied to ongoing corporate initiatives

Results Driven by Participation - Live accurately scored idea-flow (versus hours or days of research). Increased investment velocity by 30%

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Case Study Details

inside one of my client’s needs

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This is the evolution of the web

from a creator's perspective:

Read overviews and call me to

discuss your options:



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This is the evolution of the web

from a creator's perspective:

Read overviews and call me to

discuss your options:



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This is the evolution of the web

from a creator's perspective:

Read overviews and call me to

discuss your options:



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• Personal Profile Pages

• Content delivered

to the network

• Easy onboarding and

tagging system

• Compensation every time their content is accessed

• Supporters distribute

their unique POV

• Integrate promotion

• Paid every time their endorsements are accessed

• Easy: access and search, payment, use, and sharing

• Flexible smart-contracts

Enable re-distribution and revenue-sharing

• Promote & Connect

• Manage transactions

• Update Content

• Receives commision

Revenue Sharing Content Management & Exchange




Speaker / Instructor

Media / Sponsors







Partners and Promoters

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Win or Lose… With Data

In a world where everything and everyone is represented by data, those who are best at turning data into action will win, and those who do not have access to it or cannot make it actionable will lose.

Since the volume of data already exceeds the human capacity to comprehend it, and the velocity of data is increasing and will always increase, your ability to make evidence-based decisions will be directly proportional to your level of literacy in the fields of:

distributed ledger technologies, AI, machine learning, big data, data science, computer science, automation, robotics, data privacy, cybersecurity, and the role of governments and regulatory agencies.


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Blockchain Landscape

These NFT related sections are the

shaded area from the below ecosystem

70 minute presentation with Q&A

Download hi-res PDF

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-- Confidential --

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-- Confidential --

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-- Confidential --

-- Confidential --

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Strategy and benchmarks set for department-level

efficiencies of data: onboarding. mapping,

API Integration,

and reporting

Production Launch:

Expanding value and speed of progress across your company with

less redundancy and

more streamlined permissionless decisions and



NuArca facilitates connections across your existing clients and partners

with Smart Contracts that also allow new engagements to accelerate business development


Network Effects:

You are now prepared for market disruption because the entire industry and adjacent markets can plug into your smarter, simpler, more efficient, and accommodating

value exchange

Rebuilding Right …

Value Delivered From Expanding Network Effects at and Between Every Phase

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Current State

Well begins producing

Oil Company issues Division Order to  Interest Owners.

Well produces and oil company records production, sale and price.

Oil company distributes checks, statements and reports to:

- Royalty Owners

-Working Interest Owners

-State/Federal Regulatory and Tax Agencies

Owners and Agencies record required information from statements.

Distribution of this data to multiple parties is redundant, burdensome and expensive and leads to mistakes, disputes and costly maintenance resolving issues across multiple parties.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

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IMPROVED STATE - the process is shared with all parties at one time cutting steps in half

  • Distributed ledger records transactions and executes payments based on the terms of the smart contract to Royalty and Working Interest owners
  • Revenues and expenses are also available to Interest Owners, resulting in better controls and reporting
  • Payments for multiple owners at a single institution can be grouped into one transaction and then credited back to sub-accounts
  • Through custom Portals the data set is distributed to State and Federal Regulatory and Tax Agencies in the format they require
  • Provides central source of truth acceptable to all members as a report or a digital download, minimizing payment disputes and onerous duplications/revisions
  • The Oil Company records the production volume, sales volume, and price from the well
  • Oil Company issues division order through its portal and Interest Owner confirms through its portal
  • Smart contract is established on distributed ledger
  • Provides immutable, secure and transparent record of the division order and its confirmation

Confidential and Proprietary Information

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Discover and Deliver the Paths to Profit with Next Steps in a New Market

We aligned with IBM and Oil & Gas industry leaders to transform

current and future efficiencies between Operators and their partners


  • Fragmented definitions of terms, priorities, & priorities
  • Redundancy of processes waste resources
  • Unnecessary delays
  • Endless disputes in and out of court


  • For survival and M&A in a chaotic industry, quantifiable assets and systems are now critical
  • The efficiency of a single ecosystem-wide ledger will disclose opportunities to add royalty-based distribution for renewable energy sources like geothermal


  • Production data is shared with the entire Ecosystem in real time
  • All parties having reports on time and in the format they require
  • Significantly reducing paper checks and statements
  • Eliminate redundancy and increase reliability of data accuracy as it is shared with multiple partners from a single source of truth
  • Reduce disputes, errors, customer service and costly duplication of report while giving access to historical data

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Reggie (aka: Chock Blain)

- Rocket Pilot

- Rugged yet nerdy adventurer

- Turns problems on their heads as he rockets over them with

efficiency, security, and dashing good looks.

A 4 part journey from launch to landing - each revealing key attributes of our 4 Phases ...

Our hero in Episode 1 - He prepares for his mission to save the Financial Industry with a brilliant idea - He acknowledges all inefficiencies because he has seen how tech can be a solution and competitive advantage... In the right hands.

Episode 2 - Launch! - All systems go as data aligns to accelerate navigation and progress.

Episode 3 - Efficiency of connections between internal crew and external planets of partners … Network Effects!

Episode 4 - Ecosystem Exchange is working for the citizens! He rides off into the sunset to help the next industry in need.

Gear = Value Prop: HUD Visibility Security/Risk Connections

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Chock Blain

- Rocket Pilot

- Rugged yet nerdy adventurer

- Turns problems on their heads as he rockets over them with

efficiency, security, and dashing good looks.

Since the expected frequency before prospects "get it" is 4x

A 4 part journey from launch to landing - each revealing key attributes of our 4 Phases ...

Our hero in Episode 1 of 4 prepares for his mission to save the solar system with a brilliant idea. He acknowledges all inefficiencies because he knows that tech can be a solution and competitive advantage... In the right hands.

Episode 2 of 4 - Launch! - All systems go as data aligns to accelerate navigation and progress.

Episode 3 of 4 - Efficiency of connections between internal crew and external planets of partners … Network Effects!

Episode 4 of 4 - Ecosystem Exchange is working for the citizens! He rides off into the sunset to help the next industry in need...

Gear = Value Prop: HUD Visibility Security/Risk Connections

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The Truth Refinery is a union of tech veterans compelled to fix the Digital mess we helped create. This is where we educate, innovate, and celebrate the latest opportunities between our businesses, technologies, and Society.

Let’s tame our transformation with AI, Cognitive Computing and Blockchain.



10 Reasons Why Blockchain


Create Alternative Marketing Vehicles for Reference and Influence

Chock’s Fuel

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Here is a tip FYN - For Your Networking...

LunchClub is a free platform to have conversations with people relevant to both your agendas using nifty AI technology! You can unlock access and features with my code - https://lunchclub.ai/?invite_code=davidc38

For more about how to leverage the platform, see my post at http://bit.ly/Love_Lunchclub

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MusicDL Sandbox - https://bit.ly/MusicDL_Sandbox

The Conference Industry has changed for the better… here is the plan:


How to engage receptive “Upscale Actives”


Google Slides - http://bit.ly/Active_Brand_Engagement

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  • Safe Debate is as important as realizing that compromise is the goal, not a failure
  • It takes a village - diverse viewpoints for diverse solutions… Crystalized Wisdom is earned
  • Cool Aunts and Uncles fill your sails with wind, but also help you navigate thru storms
  • Better to have a smaller % of growth than 100% of stagnation
  • Monopoly lesson = invent new rules during other player’s turns

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In the weeds

A few places where I try to leverage Digital for a better Analog life…



David Cutler Photography

Testing A Live Feed of Randomness

The Socials… In this order:

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