Women in Business:
Resume & LinkedIn Workshop

October 4, 2017

Resume Overview

One full page only

    • unless more than 10 years of related work experience

Sections, in this order (heading names may vary):

    • Name and Contact Information (on top)
    • Education and Honors
    • Professional Experience
    • Leadership Experience
    • Skills and Interests/ Additional Information

Easily scanned for skills, results, job titles and company names in 30 seconds.

    • Organize in reverse chronological order

Write bullet points, not paragraphs

Balance appropriate amount of white space vs. text

Create as Word document, save and send as PDF

Set all margins to .5” and no lower than .3”

Times New Roman font – most professional

    • Name size 18-20 font, all else size 10-12 font

Stay consistent and 100% error-free

Each experience should have at least two bullets

Remember reverse chronological order

    • Match verb tense to dates

Writing Strong Bullets

Meaningful Bullets First

Your first bullet should address your primary responsibilities with the second support with detail

Quantify When You Can

Number validate the work you did whether it be cost savings, clients serviced, improved efficiency ratios etc

Be Humble

If you worked on a team, or were delegated part of a project say that, better to emphasize teamwork

Avoid Being Vague

Include project titles, descriptions, and the reports or research you did to better convey your experience

Technical Skills

  • adapted
  • assembled
  • built
  • calculated
  • computed
  • conserved
  • constructed
  • converted
  • debugged
  • designed
  • determined
  • developed
  • engineered
  • fabricated
  • fortified
  • installed
  • maintained
  • operated

Research Skills

  • analyzed
  • clarified
  • collected
  • compared
  • conducted
  • critiqued
  • detected
  • determined
  • diagnosed
  • evaluated
  • examined
  • experimented
  • explored
  • extracted
  • formulated
  • gathered
  • identified
  • inspected

Communication/ People Skills

  • addressed
  • advertised
  • arbitrated
  • arranged
  • articulated
  • authored
  • clarified
  • collaborated
  • communicated
  • composed
  • condensed
  • conferred
  • consulted
  • contacted
  • conveyed
  • convinced
  • corresponded
  • debated

Management/Leadership Skills

  • administered
  • analyzed
  • appointed
  • approved
  • assigned
  • attained
  • authorized
  • chaired
  • considered
  • consolidated
  • contracted
  • controlled
  • converted
  • coordinated
  • decided
  • delegated
  • developed
  • directed

Action Verbs





LinkedIn Checklist

Foundational Connections


  • Family Members
  • Classmates/Peers
  • Professionals/Recruiters



  • Education
  • Skills Endorsements
  • Professional Experiences/Activities

Professional Headshot


  • Fleishman Center
  • Women in Business Events
  • Your friends iPhone X

Posts & Interactions


  • Interesting & Relevant Articles
  • Professional Updates
  • Extracurricular Accomplishments

Accomplishments & Endorsements

Sending an Invitation to Connect

A Former Co-Worker

A Recruiter

An Alumni

Hi Mark,

It was a pleasure to have been able to work together at XYZ Agency from 2005 to 2011. The office wouldn’t have been the same without your knack for dealing with touch clients! Maybe someday we can meet up for coffee – I’d love to hear about your new job at ABC Agency.

Hope all is well,


Hi Aaron,

I want to thank you for taking the time to come to Binghamton and presenting on the various opportunities at XYZ – I’m currently a marketing major, and I’m really interested in the internships you described. I’d love to stay in touch and keep you updated on my application.

All the Best,


Hi Chris,

I saw you graduated from NYU. I’m currently in my senior year there, and I’m excited to earn my degree (I’m sure you recall the feeling!). If you have time, maybe we can meet up to discuss your role at XYZ Agency – as a fellow marketer, I’d love to hear more about what you do.



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