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Value of incorporating library resources/services in classes:

  • Students receiving library instruction in their initial coursework perform better in their courses than students who do not.
  • Students who used the library in some way (e.g., attendance in library instruction session, online database access, study room use, interlibrary loan) achieved higher levels of academic success (e.g., GPA, course grades, retention) than students who did not use the library.
  • Library instruction contributes to inquiry-based and problem-solving learning, including effective identification and use of information, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and civic engagement.
  • One-on-one or small-group reference and research assistance with a librarian enhances academic success, as documented by such factors as student confidence, GPAs, and improved achievement on course assignments.

Information quoted from: The Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects (2017)

Value of incorporating library resources and services in classes:

Value of incorporating library resources/services

Ideas for collaboration

Incorporate an active-learning research session
for your students

Help students access information efficiently and effectively

Evaluate information sources critically

Teaching resources - Collaborate with librarian

Agricultural Sciences - Natasha Young

Business - Brandy Brady

Comm & Mass Media - Carolyn Johnson

Comp Sci & Info Systems - Lori Mardis

Education - Lori Mardis

Fine & Performing Arts - Frank Baudino

Health Sci & Wellness - Brandy Brady

Humanities & Soc Sci - Becky Meneely

Lang, Lit & Writing - Natasha Young

Mathematics & Stats - Natasha Young

Natural Sciences - Carolyn Johnson

Teaching resources - Instruction menu

Concepts that can be covered by a librarian during class or in a module/via Zoom.
Sample of what is found on this page:


Import specific library guide content related to an assignment or discussion

Import specific content

Partner with a librarian to develop content to support an assignment: In Strategies for College Reading (62-110) a BuzzFeed Quiz helped students determining reading interest (BuzzFeed Quiz)

Embed a module in course site

Module contains directions/screenshots to assist with completion of assignments

Screenshots, videos, and links to databases/database tutorials



Assessment - Quiz after viewing and using in-class/online library resources

Tutorial in APA and MLA



Corresponding 5 question quiz can be added in course site

https://www.nwmissouri.edu/library/courses/xplag.html (uses Flash so open in IE or Microsoft Edge)

Corresponding 5 question quiz can be added in course site

https://www.nwmissouri.edu/library/courses/xplag.html (uses Flash so open in IE or Microsoft Edge) - tutorial offers scenarios for consideration

Corresponding 5 question quiz can be added in course site

Post links to articles and eBooks from library databases in courses (will work on and off-campus)

Provide links to articles/eBooks

List of books or eBooks on a topic for supplemental reading

Common CSIS programs and languages linking to books/eBooks available on the topic (by publication date)


Test prep books for education (MoGEA and MEGA/MoCA) or resume/cover letter/interview books


Math Methods Elem School - Children’s Literature Review (assigned topic and need to find a corresponding children’s lit book to accompany an activity)


Introduction to Cross Categorical Special Education - each group is given a broad topic and a series of sub-topics...sample searches illustrated use of thesaurus and searching conventions (boolean operator, truncation, etc.)


Locate sources for a review of literature, teaching method, lab technique, company/industry information, primary/original research or secondary materials for a student assignment, etc.

Locate sources

Help finding company/industry information - like SWOT reports


Curricular Construction in Math (17-681) - search seminole works in field


Find articles for literature reviews or to share in a discussion on topics discussed during the module from a list of recommended journals

17-681 (find articles from a specific journal)


Embed streaming videos

Embed streaming videos

Films on Demand - Trim video to specific section


Embed videos with VidGrid Quizzes that can be synced with the NWOnline gradebook

Provide instruction or online guides about source evaluation, citation examples, and reference managers (Mendeley)

Evaluate sources, citation examples, reference managers

APA, MLA, Turabian, CSE, ACS, AMA




Need assistance?


  • Contact a librarian to:
    • Set-up a Zoom library instruction session with class or groups
    • Help locate and provide access to resources in course sites
    • Create or add existing course guides into Northwest Online class site(s)
    • Update existing content/check links
    • Verify accessibility (users per eBook, etc.) and off-campus access (permalinks)
    • Locate department’s library liaison to request new materials
    • Add the Research Help (Ask a Librarian) or Chat module into course site

Need assistance? Questions?

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