Contributing to Open Source

Aaroh Mankad


I am Aaroh Mankad.

I’m here because I love Open Source.

You can find me at @aarohmankad

Why should I contribute to Open Source?

  • Improve your skills
  • Counts as valuable experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Make your job easier

How can Open Source improve my skills?

How can Open Source count as experience?

How can Open Source help me network?

How can Open Source make my job easier?

How can I contribute to Open Source?

  • Look at your own projects!
  • label:“good first issue” language:“javascript”
  • Tech you’re learning
  • Publish your own project!

Navigating an Open Source Repository

    • Standard information about a project
    • How to file a bug
    • How to suggest a feature
    • How to get environment set up
    • Roadmap for project

Workflow for a Contribution

Heavily based off Github Workflow

  • Create an Issue or Volunteer for an Issue
  • Fork the repo
  • Create a branch with Issue #
  • Contribute!
  • Submit a Pull Request
  • 🎉

Discussion Time!

Any questions?

What can I contribute?

You can:

  • Write documentation
  • Document/Fix a bug
  • Suggest/Implement a feature

What if I don’t understand the code?

Ask for help! (They won’t bite.)

Even partially completing is OK

Further Reference