Pali Outdoor Education Experience

Learning, Leading, and Making Connections

March 26 - 29, 2018


Core Science Learning

  • Learning through field experiences in biology, engineering, physics, ecology, and conservation that can’t be replicated in a classroom.
  • Directly address California Next Generation Science standards as well as standards in ELA and Math.

Leadership and Independence

  • Safe environment to try individualized challenges.
  • Chances to lead and expand comfort zone that would not be available in a typical school day.
  • Activities designed to develop self confidence and create connections with peers while learning.


  • Active learning outside that is adapted to student needs and abilities.
  • Unplugged from devices
  • New social connections with students children might not seek out at school or find in a typical day.

If the experience is four days would you send your child?

Main reasons for not sending a child.

Pali Outdoor Institute General Information

Only residential outdoor education program accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC)

Adhere to an experiential learning model accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE)


Pali staff all

  • Highly trained adults who have a bachelor's degree.
    • Most in science, education, or outdoor education
  • Receive comprehensive two-week training in curriculum, management, and safety.
  • Are CPR and First Aid certified.
  • Carry a radio at all times.
  • Fully background checked prior to hiring.


Students are in learning groups of 15 with Pali staff

  • Day and evening activities
  • Meals
  • Night in cabins - 11:1

MBMS staff - ten to twelve certificated staff

  • Including 6th Grade Counselor
  • On call all day
  • Move between groups to interact with students
  • Supervise free and unstructured time
  • Meals

MBMS Administrator present at all times


Solid wood built in bunks

Clean facilities with radiant heat

Bathroom and shower facilities in each cabin


Healthy food with choices. Hot food items +

  • Salad bar and fruit at lunch and dinner
  • Continental breakfast bar in the morning
  • Nut aware

Able to accommodate most dietary restrictions

  • Families can send food for dietary needs Pali can’t meet.
  • Pali will store, refrigerate and prepare.

Typical Day

7:00 a.m. Rise and Shine

8:00 a.m. Breakfast

9:00 a.m. Under Pressure, or Freshwater Biology

10:30 a.m. High Ropes or Building Support

12:30 p.m. Lunch and Free Time (great outdoor games!!)

2:30 p.m. Animal Survivor, Orienteering, or Archery

4:00 p.m. CSI Pali or Geology and Engineering

6:00 p.m. Dinner and Free Time (great outdoor games!!)

7:30 p.m. Night Hike, Astronomy, Outdoor Evening Games

9:30 p.m. Lights Out

Standards the Stretch Beyond the Classroom

Under Pressure

  • Science Content Standards
    • MS-ESS2-5
    • MS-ESS2-6
    • MS-ESS3-5
    • ESS2.C
    • ESS2.D
    • ESS3.D
  • Science Practices Standards
    • Cause and Effect
    • Systems and System Models
    • Stability and Change
    • Asking Questions and Defining Problems
    • Developing and Using Models
    • Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

  • ELA Standards
    • RST.6-8.1
    • RST.6-8.9
  • Math Standards
    • MP.2.6.NS.5
    • MP.2.6.EE.6

Medical Needs

Pali has two full time registered nurses on staff

  • Administer medications
  • Handle daily medical needs
  • Handle injuries and emergencies
  • Parents contacted if longer than 3 hours in Wellness Center.

All medication held in the medical office. Counselors know the timing, remind, and escort students to get medications.

If your child has an unusual medical condition we can speak to Pali together about how to accommodate.

Staying connected

Pali is an unplugged week for students.

  • Devices and cell phones should be kept at home.
  • Allows students to better connect with each other and immerse in the experience.
  • Prevents homesickness.
  • We encourage you to send a letter to be received while at Pali.
  • Cameras are OK - recommend disposable.

Pali staff and MBMS staff are available if you have questions during the week, have a family emergency, or if your child is having an issue.

  • We and they don’t hesitate to call if it is needed!

Staying Connected

Twice daily email updates from administrators at Pali

  • Arrival and departure
  • Menu for the day
  • Daily activities
  • Stories from the day

Photo share site updated throughout the day during camp by admin and teachers

Phone access for all staff in emergencies or if questions

  • We don’t hesitate to call if we don’t know

Learning and Cabin Groups

Learning groups are daytime groups

  • 15 per group with one Pali staff member.
  • MBMS staff move between groups to assist
  • Assigned by MBMS science staff with consultation

from counselors and administration.

Free time is supervised by MBMS staff

  • No groupings - student self-select peers to spend time with.
  • MBMS staff lead hikes, outdoor games, supervise quiet and socializing spaces.

Cabin Groups are evening groups after activities are finished

  • 11 per group with one Pali staff member
  • MBMS staff are on call all night for any issues that arise.
  • Each student gives three names they prefer to bunk with
    • We guarantee to include at least one preferred name
    • We try to match as many as we can.

Departure and Arrival

Students leave Monday morning.

  • Lower blacktop will be open from 7:00 - 7:45 for luggage drop.
  • Buses leave around 8:30 (parents welcome to be part of the waving train).
  • Emails when buses leave, get on the mountain, and arrive.
  • Given lunch and dinner at Pali.

Students arrive between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.

  • Do not have to remain in school.
  • Emails when leave, get on the 405, and arrive.
  • Given breakfast and lunch at Pali.

Early Departures

  • 2:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday only.
  • MBMS must be given details in advance unless an emergency.
  • If leaving with another family we must have a note releasing student.


$575 per child is the cost to MBMS for the trip.

  • Includes buses and MBMS staff costs.
  • All meals and accommodations for 4 days and three nights.
  • Highly quality programming, staff, and all learning materials.

If the donation is too high for your family, please contact Margot Parker, Assistant Principal about partial donations or scholarships.

  • Payment plans can be arranged through the MBX portal
  • This will be kept confidential.
  • Cost should not be a reason for a child not to attend
  • Families may donate above the suggested amount to help off-set trip costs.

Students who do not attend Pali.

Students who do not attend Pali are expected to be in school all day for the full four days.

  • Alternative assignments will be assigned to meet same standards as camp.
    • Students will have a schedule for all class areas with assignments and homework.
    • All assignments be completed for credit in classes where work is assigned.
    • Must be turned in prior to leaving for break.
  • Absences are unexcused.
    • Less than five days, so no independent study this year.
    • Missing for a sports event is not an excused absence.
      • Please work out ahead of time with sports teams.
      • Kim will contact any team requiring a student to miss school in order to play in a game or tournament.

Trip must be fiscally viable to continue.

Important Dates

November 6

Outdoor Experience permissions online through MBX.

  • Links are live now:
  • Please complete both the district and Pali forms.

December 1

Outdoor Experience permissions due

  • Medical forms, permission slips, Pali permission info, and donations due through MBX.
  • If you are doing a payment plan full payment does not have to be complete until the start of the trip.

February 28

Optional Parent Questions Night - Logistics


  • Pali Parent Committee available for parent to parent conversations
  • MBMS administration available to answer questions, solve problems, and ensure students can attend.

MBMS Outdoor Experience - Google Slides