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Contraception in Halacha

11 Kislev 5776


8:00-8:15 Overview of Contraceptive Methods

8:15-8:25 Original Sources

8:25-8:45 Basic Halachic Principles

8:45-9:05 Halacha of Specific Methods

9:05-9:20 Letters/Sichos of the Rebbe

In honor of R’ Gedaliah Shaffer, ZTL

Yevamos 12b

Shabbos 110a


Classic Sources

Potential issues with contraception:

  • Zera Levatala
  • Pru U’rvu
  • Women’s right to relations
  • Injunction to procreate

Rambam Ishus 15:16

Brachos 10a

General Halachic Principles

TE, 9:51:2:2

IM, 4:68

Specific methods

  • Diaphragm

equivalent to moch...

  • Pill

Tzemach Tzedek



Specific methods

  • IUD

Tzitz Eliezer summary breakdown:

Igros Kodesh

Likkutei Sichos, Noach, Chelek 25

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