GT Jump to the Middle Morning
January 24, 2019 – 7:15 AM

  • Tours of our building
  • Snippets of GT classes
  • Meet and greet other GT students attending Everitt GT Program

Presented by current GT Students

  • Coffee and conversation with Everitt’s GT Resource Teacher and Principal
  • Tours of our building
  • Observation of GT Classroom/s

Presented to the Parents

Everitt Middle School


What Everitt Student’s Say

“I like that the teachers know that everyone learns in different ways and that’s ok. They let us learn in our own way and we get to go deeper that way and it can be really fun and challenging all at the same time. I really like being here.”

“ All the teachers are fun and happy. They teach really well and have high expectations. They teach to a variety of students who are pleased with the way that they are taught.”

“I love Everitt. It is a great place to learn!”

What is best for Everitt’s GT Learners

Learner Experience


  • Accelerated math instruction through Geometry based on student need and readiness
  • Autonomous Learner Model
  • Rigorous Instruction in all content areas
  • Thinking Maps
  • Depth and Complexity Framework
  • Student Centered Academic and Affective Goal Setting
  • Socratic Seminars

Multiple gifted specific resources used in language arts instruction

William and Mary

Jacob’s Ladder

Junior Great Books

Everitt Middle
Commitment to students in the center program

  • Embed social-emotional support, as appropriate to the needs of gifted learners, into the programming in every center classroom
  • Differentiate grade level curriculum with enrichment, compacting, acceleration and/or extensions in all core content areas
  • Utilize GT-specific supplemental resources as informed by data
  • GT Center teachers attend relevant professional learning opportunities provided by the GT Department throughout the school year

What Everitt Middle families say

“Everitt brings out your child’s strengths and provides an environment for them to love learning and being at school. Everitt inspired my son to be his best self.”

“When I ask my son how he likes Everitt, “He says, he loves it.” Everyday he talks about something exciting he has learned about that day. At his previous middle school, he was just trying to survive until high school. Now he is thriving in all areas!” Thank you, Everitt!!

”Everitt is a family that will boost your child’s confidence academically, socially and emotionally. It teaches outside the box, in fact teaches your child how to build and choose their own box.”

Everitt Middle GT Center Team

6th Grade Instructors

  • Tim Wompey – Reading
  • Brian Fowkes – Social Studies
  • Elsa Aragon – Writing
  • Rebecca Montez – Math
  • Chelsie Galvez-Estevez - Science

7th Grade Instructors

  • Kajsa Long – Reading
  • Lauren Walker – Social Studies
  • Leslie Penn – Math
  • Leah Strong - Science

8th Grade Instructors

  • Loren Shaft – English Language Arts
  • Sterling Black – Social Studies
  • Travis Lay – Math
  • Michele Harris - Science

GT Resource Teacher: Tonia Heffley

GT Counselor: Julio Ocana

Jefferson County Gifted and Talented, Click here

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