Classroom Creativity: The Longer Path to Success

& Wesley Fryer

by Megan Thompson

last updated 14 February 2016

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Megan Thompson & Wes Fryer

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  • About Us (a little…)
  • Padlet Brainstorm
  • Big Ideas!
  • Blind-Contours
  • Narrated Art Activity

About Megan Thompson

Art Teacher,
Casady School

About Wes Fryer


Director of Technology,
Casady School

Creativity in the Classroom

What obstacles or setbacks have you experienced in promoting creativity in the classroom?

Wes, what about starting off the discussion by asking what obstacles they have experienced with creativity in the classroom? This could make for an interesting narrated activity if after our discussion their mindset has changed. (from Wes: sounds good! We’ll do this as a padlet activity that people can share their ideas to… like virtual sticky notes)

Answer-centric classrooms, Fear of being wrong, Fear of judgement, Resilience

Creativity: Problem Solving

  • Not just about drawing well or having artistic skills
  • Creativity is an attitude or mindset

Approach problems as opportunities to find solutions or invent something new. In life we are constantly having to think on our feet

A Creative Mindset

We can make learning more process-driven and centered around experimentation

Build a framework for finding the answer in their own way rather than memorization

The way we teach can: Strengthen problem-solving skills and analytical thinking skills, stretch the ability to look closely, discuss accurately, think imaginatively

Celebrating Learning and Mistakes

  • Let struggle, mistakes, even failure become part of the learning process
  • Students learn to try new ideas

Teacher’s role: to encourage and support students through process to foster resilience

Accepting a challenge and putting forth the effort and hard work necessary, we make it easy for students to choose an easy path instead, 4th grade self-portrait project - teaching resilience

Teachers Modeling a New Process

  • We set the tone and can set the example
  • safe sharing
  • safe place for creating and building ideas
  • Letting go and taking risks
  • Lets try something new: blind-contour study

Don’t micromanage the whole process, believe you can only do your best, don’t expect perfection

Inside & Outside Digital Sharing

Inside the classroom, the hallway, the school, the class/school community.

Inside the iPad Camera Roll, SeeSaw, Google Classroom, Edmodo, or another “password required” website.

Beyond the classroom/school walls, on the public web, shareable to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Outside on a classroom blog like KidBlog, on a hosted website like Google Sites, or a classroom YouTube channel, with “NO PASSWORD REQUIRED.”





Signed Media Permission Forms

Providing Time for Reflecting

  • Multiple drafts
  • Process portfolios or sketchbooks
  • Feedback and reflection
  • Turn, pair and share
  • two stars and a wish
  • Set the example

sketching, multiple drafts, self-talk is important, model a

Value of Recording Student Voices

  • Reflection
  • Comments
  • Confidence

sketching, multiple drafts, self-talk is important

Encourage Risk Taking

sketching, multiple drafts, self-talk is important

Hard Fun: Engagement & Art Making

sketching, multiple drafts, self-talk is important

Blind Contour Study

  • Supplies: paper and pen
  • Required: Courage to try something new!

Narrated Art Activity

Looks good Wes!

Project Planning Sheets / Storyboards Help!

Question for Reflection:

What strategies can help build a classroom culture of creativity?

Publishing Student iPad

Videos to YouTube

(February 2016)

by Wesley Fryer

last updated 11 February 2016

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Questions for Us?

Classroom Creativity: The Longer Path to Success

& Wesley Fryer

by Megan Thompson

last updated 14 February 2016

Classroom Creativity - The Longer Path to Success (Feb 2016) - Google Slides