October 2019


Site Meeting

Power through our Collective Action

Portland Association of Teachers

Teacher Levy

Ballots Due November 5

  • Maintains Over 800 Teaching Positions a year: A third of all teaching positions in PPS are funded by the Levy.

  • Maintains Current Tax: Taxpayers would continue paying the same local option tax rate that they pay today.
  • Funding Programs for a Comprehensive Education including enrichments and electives.
  • Independent Oversight to ensure tax dollars are used for purposes approved by voters.

Retirement Workshop

Monday, October 21


at PAT

Membership Committee:

PAT Sick-Leave Bank

Last year, PAT members donated 4000 hours, and helped

22 colleagues who would have otherwise lost salary or insurance.

Issues From our Site:

What concerns/ideas/solutions would you like your Reps to bring forward to Admin this month?

Report Back from the last Rep/Admin Meeting:

October 2019 10 Minute Meeting - Google Slides