New Member Orientation

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  • Name
  • What motivated you to come out to hack night?
  • Favorite snack, artist, or movie

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What is Code For SF

  • Learning
  • Creating
  • Networking
  • Building

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What is civic hacking?

How can we use technology to help the city of San Francisco?

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Small Group Discussion

Topic A

What project stood out to you and why?

Topic B

What aspect of SF do you think can be improved by technology?

Topic C

What civic, political, or social issues are important to you?

Think about an answer to one of these three topics. Then, share with your group when ready.

Hazards, trash, bureaucracy, homelessness, housing, government, traffic, crime, efficiency, drugs, health, education

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What can I do tonight?

  • Join an existing project
  • Start a new project
  • Chat and network

Communicate with your team

See other active projects

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