Park on Saunders at the main entrance to the building.

Highland Park Elementary

1700 Saunders Ave.


Weekend Backpack Program:

Step by Step Instructions to Distribute Food Bags at Highland Park Elementary

Go into the office. Sign in on the table to the left as a volunteer. Grab a volunteer badge.

You can hang your coat on the hooks behind the door in the back room. Terri (office clerk) will lock purses in her filing cabinet.

Ask Terri or Kara (office staff) to print a copy of the current list of students receiving bags of food. Or you find a current list of students in the Weekend Backpack Program blue folder at Terri’s (office clerk) front desk.

WBP Folder

WBP Folder

Unload the bags of food. There is a bench in the front lobby that you can use when you first unload the bags. Next, load them on the carts that are stored in the back room of the office. There are 2 carts labeled “weekend backpack program”.

Head to the Kindergarten Commons to distribute the food bags to the 3 kindergarten classes.

With the list in hand, head into the kindergarten rooms. Each kindergarten room has a little nook area where the kids hang their backpacks.

Put the food bags directly into the backpacks of the kids on the list.

This is a photo of the Kindergarten backpack area where you will look for the name cards of each student and then place the food bags into backpacks.

Next, take the food bag cart and head to the 1st and 2nd grade hallway, which is also on the main level.

Find 1st and 2nd grade students’ locker and distribute bags to backpacks of students on your list.

Ms. Apel-Christianson’s lockers have bumble bee name tags

Ms. Baldwin’s lockers have ball shaped name tags

Mr. Knowand’s lockers have student made name tags

Ms. Blat’s lockers have rectangular shaped name tags


When Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd are done use the elevator to take the cart up to floor 2 and distribute to grades 3-5 grade classrooms. There is also one 2-3 combo class upstairs (Ms. Jannett).

To use the elevator to return to the office floor, press “0”.

3-5 grade classrooms

To the office

Grades 3, 4, and the ⅔ split class have locker areas outside each of the classrooms. Use the name tags on the lockers to find the lockers of the children who receive food.

Put the food bag right into the backpacks of the students.

Teamwork makes this process more fun! One person can hunt for the locker while the other gets ready to drop in the food bag once the locker is found.

5th Grade Classrooms

Leave enough food bags for the 5th graders on your list. Put the bags of food in several of the big decorative bags, and leave the them on the bench by Ms. Winther’s room.

(We do not have to put the bags of food in the 5th graders’ lockers.)

Return to the office floor, press “0”.

Return carts to the backroom by the office.

Sign out in the office.

Return visitor badge.

Take all decorative bags and extra food bags back to Gloria Dei and leave in the Sharing Place room.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

3-5 grade classrom

To the office

Backpack Training - Google Slides